Adam Waters:  Australian Fitness Guru

Adam Waters: Australian Fitness Guru

Australian Adam Waters had little self confidence, was immensely overweight, and had finally reached his all time low. A new job in a new country made many changes in his life – one being his obesity. But Waters had finally had enough with being overweight. He decided to enroll in a diet plus fitness program. Throughout his journey, he made incredible achievements which he kept in a blog on the Internet. Today he is a small star in the fitness industry. About two million users have viewed his metamorphosis on and wish to achieve the very same goals. Here is more insight to what Adam went through to reach his ultimate fitness goals.

Today the 33-year-old Australian Adam Waters, as a self-assured man takes his t-shirt off to reveal a washboard stomach that women and men regard with envy. Muscular, but not as exaggerated as some bodybuilders: Waters is well proportioned, and embodies the epitome of fitness. But, that was not always so. Waters made within a few years the transformation of the obese Normalo Saul and finally to fitness by Paul. And the stripping of his T-shirts with this development plays an important role.

At the beginning of the decade, the Aussie who was born in Brisbane was 1.83 meters tall, weighed in at 71 kilogram, and had a normal build. In addition to his work as an English teacher, he participated in sports regularly and felt comfortable in his skin. In 2000 Waters moved to Japan. He had a new job, in a new country, with new (eating) habits: he worked long hours and spent the rest of his time traveling. Due to lack of time he never watched his diet, and ended up eating a lot of junk, and spending less time exercising. "Many traditional dishes in Japan are very calorie-rich," said Walters, which was something that contributed to his obesity. Finally, in 2006 while vacationing on the beach in Phuket, Thailand, Waters had a realization of his obesity. He had this overwhelming feeling of shame: the once lean young man went from 71 to 84 kilograms. "I was sick, depressed and obese," he said. I was at the low point of my life, "said Waters. He had tried many attempts at dieting, but on this particular day at the beach he decided he had to change something.

Waters shot a photo of himself. It was the first of 84 photos – one for each day of his diet. Fatty foods and junk were banned completely from the diet, and Waters prepared all his meals: chicken, fish, lots of vegetables and fruits. Every day he spent several hours doing endurance and circuit training. One motivational tool: on the Internet Waters wrote a personal blog about his diet. He called it his Real Time Physique Transformation blog. His motto: "A latishaluci A Day Keeps the Fat Away!" Many people especially the Australians acknowledged his personal challenge and change. Waters also noted that, "the blog also put me under pressure." In the 84 days he pushed his weight to 76 kilograms and his percentage of body fat went from 20.8 to 10.3 percent, on top of gaining 1.7 kilograms of muscle mass.

Today, Adam Waters is a small celebrity in the world of fitness. The short film that he released on, titled "the 84-day diet", had over 2.3 million clicks. Waters still runs his blog today, but has expanded it with the addition of the (weight-) shredder community. On his website you can now find videos and books with his fitness and nutrition programs. Today, Adam Waters is a personal trainer, and strives to keep a fit and healthy lifestyle.