Muscle mass truths

Fitness Expert
The truth is, your arms, chest, and abs together make up only 1/3 of your total muscle mass, making your back and legs the other 2/3 of our muscle. Research shows that exercising your entire body rather than one section of your body burns fat more efficiently and allows for even greater development than exercising, say, your abs.

Relevant to that point is the myth that you need lots of different exercises to get all your muscles. This is not true. You only need a few. These exercises, rather than isolation exercises so commonly used, target multiple muscles at once. These exercises are the bench press, squat, and deadlift. These three exercises will target most of your muscles.

Notice how I did not include any ab exercises. This is because the abdominals do not have as much room for development as many of the other muscles in the body.

These three exercises, as you probably noticed, are all weightlifting exercises. This is because the main point of this article is to help build muscle. And ladies, don't be afraid to weight lift. You won't get as buff as an Olympic wrestler if you do. Women have a MUCH harder time getting bulky than men because of the different hormones: estrogen (women) and testosterone (men).

Now the only equipment you need for the three exercises listed above are: an Olympic weightlifting bar, weights, "little weights" (1.1 lb or .4 kg weights for progressive poundages), a bench, and a power rack. Get these, and you will get much stronger. And men, you will pack on muscle if you have dedication, proper nutrition, and proper sleep alongside these.