Mind and Muscle

Fitness Expert

Anyone ever realized that when they're feeling really good with themselves (for whatever reason) that you goto the gym feeling better and in the mood a lot more? Further still, your workout is a lot more productive than usual and you get an extra pump and are able to lift your heaviest and even further?

Its all because the mind is a very powerful tool for working out.

Most Arnie fans will know that he regularly visited psychologists to understand how he could use his mind as an extra aid in the gym and to help him achieve his goals. (which he has done immensely!)

Fact is, if you have a good, positive, strong will to succeed in building muscle, you're more likely to get what you want.

Personally, on a day when I'm due to go the gym at night after work, I'll be thinking about it all day! I'll go through my workout in my head, have it in my head what I'm gonna try and lift and how many reps I'm gonna be doing... Before I'm there I'm already thinking about how productive tonight's workout will be! This helps me so much!

It's like when you look forward to a holiday, you don't just get there and then decide what your gonna do - you plan what you would like to do each night your away, you know in advance that your holiday will be very enjoyable and will give you good feelings... It pretty much the same for me each day when I'm gonna be working out!

The more you think about how good it is to be going the gym, the more you'll get out of it and have a great, positive workout!

Some guys that go my gym, go there in a bad mood, in a 'I can't be bothered tonight' mood... and it SHOWS! Maybe half way through its 'I'm not with it tonight' or 'I'm gonna pack up early tonight, don't seem to have the energy'..... I see that a lot..

SO, remember how important it is to actually WANT to go the gym and think about why your actually going and how good its gonna be when you finally reach a particular goal.....