Build strength with unique exercises and explosive workout

Build strength with unique exercises and explosive workout

Everyone wants to have a rock hard body that is bulging with muscle right? Some people focus too much on the size, however, rather than functionality. There are exercises you can do that will not only build your muscle, but make you lean and fit as well. These exercises are intended to be intensive and will not only build muscle, but burn fat fast.

Muscle Hat Trick

When doing a muscle hat trick you will be strengthening yourself by working on three different areas at once. You will be working quickly and intensely as you do this. You will find that doing a wide array of exercise that move your body quickly with strength training will be the key to getting the muscle hat trick right, ergo getting bigger and leaner faster at the same time.

The Box Drill

Doing the box drill technique is quite simple. It is meant to fire up the calves very quickly. The idea is to jump around in an imaginary box. This sounds silly, but it s very effective for the reason that the successive and intense motion will have you feeling the exercise because you are moving quickly and intensely. Begin by balancing your right foot and keeping your knee slightly bent. You will then swing both arms forward and hops to your left. You will stay on the same leg and hop forward, then right, and then back to the start position. You will switch legs if you want to reverse direction.

Closed-Chain Exercises

Closed-Chain exercises are a great way to build muscle quickly because they are weight bearing exercises which not only force you to keep a certain part of your body still, but lift and maintain that weight as well. Push-ups, pull ups, squats, dead lifts, lunges, and power cleans are all examples of this. The idea is simply doing the exercise in a consistent manner. Exercise such as push-ups, pull ups, and chin ups all work to co-contract the triceps, biceps, deltoids, lats, abominable, and lower back. The level at which this works depends on the angle it is done and the leverage that is given.

Open-Chain Exercises

Open-Chain exercises work the opposite of close-chain exercises. This is because the parts of the body that are being used are allowed to move. Open-Chain exercises are wide in variety as they include essentially any type of exercise which the person doing them is allowed to move their limbs. The bicep curl, leg curl, leg extensions, and bench press are all examples of this. This type of exercise does more to build mass than to actually give a better functional athletic body. These types of exercises build muscle fast, and allow people to bulk up quickly. These types of exercise have been used frequently in rehabilitation setting because specific muscles can be targeted much easier.

Frog Squat Jump

The Frog Squat Jump exercise is very simple, effective, and will start to burn fast. You start with this by placing your hands behind your head and squatting down. This is how you will start. You will then jump and upon landing and upon impact absorb the jump with your feet. You then repeat this motion until you are done with this particular portion of the exercise regimen.