Kobe vs. Jordan

Fitness Expert
I am confident that after reading this you will realize why Kobe is now, and always will be, deemed the greatest player to play the game!

I understand that Jordan might be more of an icon but if you were to guard him and then Kobe or compare what they do on the court and how they attack defenders/entire teams, you will see that Kobe is unstoppable.

Jordan is similar to those nice, small, scoring point guards that cannot shoot so they go to the bucket and can finish somehow, although Jordan could shoot (your not even going to be mentioned as one of the greats if you have a flaw in your game). Jordan was 6'6" with little man bounce though. As a coach if your going to play the Bulls without doubling Jordan then you wouldn't want to let him get a catch, but if he does do not let him get in the paint. That turn around fader from anywhere in there was going to drop or he was going to dunk, flip, or hang in the air until he scores. He hit big shots, was playing against guards he could post up, had a great supporting cast, and was an athletic freak. I think this is a fair analysis of his game.

Kobe has honed every skill in the game of basketball and combines that with his killer instinct to make as the best player to play the game. Science controls Kobe's life as much as basketball. Everything he does to improve at the game of basketball has been trialed, measured, and has proven to be successful through others and more importantly him.

As compared to Jordan, Kobe is much more of a shooter then Jordan ever was (Kobe is a lights out shooter from deep. He proved this by drilling 12 in one game, which is THE NBA Record.) That kind of shooting ability makes a player dramatically better. You must guard Kobe so close that he cannot get a jumper off because it's nothing but net. (Players now don't even try to contest Kobe's shot, they simply try and block his vision by placing a hand over his eyes, STILL BUCKETS.) This now sets up his drive. He only needs good footwork and maybe a few jabs to get what he wants now (maybe a counter too if it's a great defender.) What I am basically saying it that he is more of a complete player.

If you compare the number of rings (which most Jordan lovers do.) You will see that Kobe just re-upped his team in 2009 by adding Ron "Pippen" Artest. Kobe has four. He got one in which he did all by himself and now is squirming at the opportunity to PASS Jordan in championships. Jordan got 6. That doesn't seem unreasonable at all.

The competition in the NBA has also increased. If you disagree then you really must sit down and watch some game film. The game is more global. The NBA is the best in the world. In Jordan's Era is was too but not on the same scale at all. I don't recall any Yao Mings, or any Dirk Nowitskis. They are both freaks of nature bread to play the game, as a 7'6" monster and a 7'0" guard. Also, the type of training and skill development today is far more advanced then back then. There are certified defensive coaching schemes and plans to try and stop Kobe.

On the other side, think their defense if rather similar. Both are great. On ball they have the same abilities and off ball they are different. Jordan is craftier in his off ball defense. He will gamble more, but rightfully so. Kobe has much more communication (TONS, the guy won't shut up on D) and is better fundamentally. He gets to early help, bluffs, talks, and loves to rotate.

Finally, if Kobe can't get any more championships then the overall census in this argument will hail Jordan. If Kobe does which he probably will and win more championships then Jordan himself then there will be no denying Kobe his place at the top of the game. The argument about who is the best player to play in the NBA will never be settled. This is because Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant did not match up against each other enough times and their teams did not compete enough times to know. Only time will tell the answer, but I am confident that when time does tell it will whisper only one word, "Kobe…"

If you still disagree watch some game film on Kobe and Jordan and then comment what you think below. Watch for:

• How the defense play Kobe versus Jordan and how Kobe gets his money and how Jordan does.
• The difference in confidence of outside jumper. Does Jordan pass a few easy jumpers up?
• The size of the players defending them both.
• The quality of help defenders against them.
• Their defensive mistakes and strong points.