Olympics:  China Takes Home the Most Medals

Olympics: China Takes Home the Most Medals

In a race to end the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, China managed to come out on top taking home 51 gold medals; the highest number of Gold medals. Although the US won 36 gold medals, they won the highest number of medals in total (110, whereas China had a total of 100), causing a debate as to which country should have the top dog status.

The IOC gives honor to the country that ultimately holds the highest number of gold medals, giving China the reigns on the victory however; there is no official system to indicate who comes out as the top team. So, where US citizens are counting the tables including all medals gold, silver, and bronze to give them honorary status, China is being commemorated on top with the most gold.

The amazing part is that this has been China's Olympic games ever since the torch was lit in Beijing. In 1908, at the Games in London, China didn't even have an Olympic team – and they have managed to prove themselves ever since. They have overtaken Russia, and are on the tail of the US, two teams that have been known to perform well at every Olympic games.

Even in their weakest sports at the Beijing Olympics, China had tremendous breakthroughs. For windsurfing, Yin Jian took home China's first gold; for diving China took home 7 golds including the women's 3M Springboard final winner Guo Jingjing; and both Dan Lin, and Ning Zhang, took the gold medals for Men's and Women's Singles in badminton. But these are only a few victories to say the least. The most thrilling victory was probably when China surprised the world in the gymnastics competition. Generally dominated by the US Team, China took home medals for both the Men's and Women's Teams, overtaking some of the world's top athletes.

Although China's athletes fail to be recognized in the tabloids quite as often as our US superhero athletes, China is still on its way to the top. The US may always have their favorites such as Michael Phelps – a phenomenal swimmer and probably the most recognized athlete from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games; basketball players Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Dwayne Wade; and of course female gymnast Shawn Johnson & her well loved teammates Alicia Sacramone, Samantha Peszek, and Chellsie Memmel; but in the end, recognition does not always get you the gold.

Now, there is this new Olympic essence present that is led by China, no matter which way you look at it. All countries are in awe of how well China did at this year's Olympics, and find it remarkable the amount of progress China's athletes have had throughout the years. Despite the fact that there is one country that is taking ignorance over defeat: the US just can't seem to bow down to China defeating their Olympic title. Although the US won the total number of medals, it's the Gold that really counts, and in reality China took home the most medals.