Kate Middleton:  Even Royalty finds time to Exercise

Kate Middleton: Even Royalty finds time to Exercise

A look at Kate Middleton's active lifestyle

Officially marrying Prince William on April 29th, 2011, Kate Middleton quickly made headlines in the media a part from becoming the Duchess of Cambridge. But with no real European “royal blood” lines in her family, the public and press have often called this Princess an “ordinary” woman. So what makes this ordinary woman so extraordinary, especially in the eyes of Prince William of England?

Kate and William had a long 8 year history of friendship and dating before they were engaged to be married. One of the activities that brought these two together was their love for skiing. Photographers have often spotted these two hitting the slopes, and hanging out together in ski chalets. Another activity that drew these two together is horseback riding. Both Prince William and Princess Kate can handle themselves well trotting or galloping on the backs of their beloved stable horses onto lush green pastures.

But, aside from active pastimes, Princess Kate has always led a lifestyle involving different forms of exercise. For starters, in college she was the captain of the women’s field hockey team, while also being a part of the college’s cross country team. Both these cardiovascular training sports are high endurance and involve a great deal of running, sprinting, good flexibility, strength, and agility.

To keep her arms, legs, and back toned, Kate was also an avid rower during her college years. Rowing gave her everything that field hockey and cross country couldn’t; strong and toned arms. She even trained and par-took in an all female race (although she did not finish the race due to security reasons) around the English Channel that was 23 miles long. The race was a charity boat race that Kate and her crew had been training for steadily, which gave her much self confidence and the amazing body that she has today.