Icing on the Go

Icing on the Go

New Dessert, Less Calories, More Time

Icing on the Go: a new dessert phenomenon rapidly moving throughout the United States, and soon to make it across the world. It started in Seattle, Washington and has spread to many other states including California, New York and Washington D.C., and is particularly popular in the metropolis areas where millions are on the move daily. And who really has time to sit down for a tea and a biscuit these days anyways? Realistically speaking a coffee and a shot of icing to go does not sound that out of the ordinary for our busy everyday lives.

Editor and chief of the food website epicurious.com, Tanya Steel calls it the "cut-to-the-chase evolution of cupcakes." It also claims fame in the business world, at office parties, and other business ventures because it is easy to make and provides just that little bit of sweetness that people crave.

But, there are also health benefits to this new dessert sweeping the nation. It calls for less calories than your regular slice of cake, turnover, or jelly donut, sometimes by fifty percent. It also keeps those individuals who can't keep their hands out of the frosting bowl to cut down on their cravings. Some people have a hard time deciding on frosting flavor alone, so they will buy 5 different cupcakes. With icing shots at least they are getting half the calories by just eating the icing, and not 5 cupcakes with icing.

You can generally find icing shots now in any bakery, or coffee shop. They will serve them in small plastic or paper cups, and can range in flavors from chocolate, to strawberry, and of course traditional vanilla.

It may not account for replacing that shot of espresso in the mornings, but it will give you that instant sweet fix, and get you to avoid chowing down on mounds of cake.