Good Morning Sunshine! Time To Hit the Gym! A Morning Workout Definitely Has its Benefits

Good Morning Sunshine! Time To Hit the Gym! A Morning Workout Definitely Has its Benefits

Workout in the morning? Ugh! I have a hard enough time getting up and making my way to the coffee pot. How will I ever make it to the gym? This is a struggle that many people have. There are many benefits to a morning workout all of which will help you to accomplish your fitness goals.

First and foremost a morning workout will guarantee that you will actually get it done. No more excuses that come up so easily after a long day of work. It may be difficult at first training your body to get up and get to the gym but once at the gym you will wake up faster, be mentally alert and ready for whatever your day has in store for you.

How many times have you dragged yourself into the office dreading the day ahead? By working out in the morning you start with a sense of accomplishment that will follow you throughout your day. People have also reported they find it easier to watch what they eat and stay away from the unhealthy greasy food.

I have read that people who exercise in the morning have better sleep patterns. Getting up earlier means getting to bed at a reasonable hour. If you have ever tried an evening workout you may have noticed the increase energy which comes from the adrenaline rush created by your workout. If you have ever watched a scary movie before bed then you know what this adrenaline rush feels like.

When I workout in the morning I feel better mentally and physically throughout the day. My mood is better and I can approach my day with a more positive outlook.

Will you burn more fat by exercising in the morning?

Absolutely! Working out in the morning kicks your metabolism into gear and continues to burn fat throughout your day. I have read so much conflicting information on whether to eat or not eat before a morning workout.

Some theories try to show that a morning workout on an empty stomach will increase your metabolic rate all day long and some theories recommend eating a small amount of carbohydrates prior to a workout.

If you are doing aerobic training in can be beneficial to drink 2-3 cups of coffee prior to your workout. This forces your body to dip into the fat and protein that is stored up in your body.

When strength training it is recommended that you eat carbohydrates prior to your workout. This provides you with more energy and strength for a longer workout.

I use both of these workouts and have found that I have energy after both. I do recommend that you eat a normal breakfast after each workout. The combination of eating habits and workouts will help keep your metabolism elevated throughout the day.

I am by no means saying that the morning workout is the only way to go. We all have different schedules and responsibilities that affect our daily life. The important thing is that you take the time to take care you yourself mentally and physically.