Fitness Celebs - Paris Hilton:  45 Day Prison Workout

Fitness Celebs - Paris Hilton: 45 Day Prison Workout

Miss Hilton was affected mentally after 45 days in prison, as the media watched in hysterics. It's no wonder Paris needed out, since the prison lacked hygienic facilities, moisturizers, and had a canteen as her only source of nourishment. But when Paris interviewed with the US-Talk's Barbara Walters she stated on air that: "she will start a new life", after being faced with the horrors of those 45 days in prison.

Instead of sun tanning as a source of sport, Paris learned a lot about physical well being while in prison. The prison mates did extended tours jogging through the woods, to keep conditioned, and to keep their metabolism flowing. Next were jumping jacks, being a classic exercise, and something that we all had to do even in our early years in school. Aside from jumping jacks, jump rope was also established in the daily work out routine.

Strength training was just as important as the cardio work out. Thanks to Paris Hilton's personal trainer before being put in prison, she managed to keep up with this part of the training. However, in order to perform adequate strength training, a gym full of the latest work out equipment is not needed.

For the legs, I recommend this step: a wide step position with the legs (keeping a straight upper body). Bend one leg out in front of you with the other behind. Bend down into a lunge position, hold for 3-5 seconds, then return to start position. Repeat this with both legs. Paris does this exercise with 15 repetitions per side making the legs taut and beautiful.

Every second day Paris did a few push-ups in her cell. With your hands on the edge of the bed, legs backward and stretched. The good thing about this exercise: Not only does it work the chest muscles but also the triceps!

Since we know that Paris Hilton values her appearance so much, she vouched for doing a few exercises on her back. Indeed, what is better than a perfectly formed back in a glittering evening gown? For this exercise, she used her cell bed, and water bottle for assistance. Lying on the bed face down, have one arm holding the water bottle and hanging free beside the bed. Lift arm up until it is parallel with the top of the bed and your body, and hold. Release after 5 seconds and lower. Repeat with both arms for 15 repetitions each.

To finish the program, Paris did a few Crunches for her abdomen in her cell. On the back put your feet on a chair and then sit with your arms outstretched. Alternately stretch your arms up and towards the left and right side of the chair. 20 repetitions 3 times each side works wonders for the oblique abdominal muscles.

If Paris Hilton can do these exercises three times a week, even when stuck inside a prison cell waiting for the next party to start, you can too.