5 Ways to Upgrade Your Nutritional Plan

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Nutritional Plan

  1. Eat your calories and drink water. Part of the reason we are seeing increases in obesity rates is that we are drinking more of our calories. We have more coffee drinks with a shot of flavour, cream and sugar. We chug sports drinks when we haven't broken a sweat. We have replaced eating fruits and vegetables with drinking cocktails. And lastly, we have upsized our combo at the drive-thru to have enough drink to last the entire weekend.

  2. The less legs the better. When choosing a protein source we want to select fish and seafood, before chicken and turkey, followed by beef and pork. Following this order results in less saturated fat and more essential fatty acids.

  3. Choose walnuts or almonds over peanuts. More of the fats we want. Less of the ones we don't. And no, chocolate covered almonds don't count. The same applies for the spreads (i.e. butters) as well.

  4. Use salsa instead of mayonnaise or ketchup. Pass on the extra calories, fat and sugar of the latter two condiments and opt for the lycopene from the tomatoes and anti-inflammatory benefits of the peppers.

  5. Use a saucer and a small cup instead of a plate and a large glass. Most of us don't weigh our food and count our calories. At the same time many of us eat based on portion size. With this is mind consider using smaller dishes to control our calories and set us up for weight loss.

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