Create your Own Tea Blend

Create your Own Tea Blend

Imagine what it would be like to wake up each morning and brew your very own cup of tea; the perfect combination of flavours to satisfy your palette, with a multitude of aromas to fill the air! Imagine sitting at your desk and reaching for a warm mug of tea, just waiting to relax you as you contemplate yet another decision! Image spending the afternoon with your friend and enjoying a pot of tea with flavours exactly how you like them! And imagine what it would be like to throw a backyard party with your close family and friends enjoying a glass of chilled fruit tea, while the children run around and play!

Well, turing your imagination into reality is just a few moments away. At you can create your very own tea.

Take the flavours of your childhood, the flavours of your favourite sweet or savoury dish or just be creative. There are no limitations on how far your creativity and your palette can take you. Blend the tea you have always been looking for. Design a herb blend for a roast chicken or a sweet dessert; design the perfect cocktail for your upcoming party or blend a personalized gift for a friend.

Each tea blend will come custom labeled. Simply choose from one of our expertly designed graphic labels, give your tea a name and a creative description and voila, you have created your own tea and in under two weeks will be able to enjoy it at home or in the office.

There are lots of different ingredients to choose from, including: spices, herbs, fruits and even flowers. Start with a tea or tisane such as organic green tea or organic peppermint. Tulsi, St. John's Wart and Rooibos are also great starters. The options are limitless, let your creativity run wild.

We source some of the freshest, best tasting and highest quality tea ingredients found worldwide in Canada. Fifty percent of our ingredients are USDA certified organic or organic compliant in the case of our flavour enhancers. There is no doubt that whichever combination of ingredients you choose, your tea will be the best tasting and quality you can get. If you are looking for a strong or prominent flavour, simply add a Flavour Enhancer such as peach, vanilla or bergamot. There are lots to choose from and the combinations are endless.

Creating your own tea couldn't be easier or more fun than it is today. Simply create an account at My Tea Blending Room, click on the tab 'Blend Now' and get started. There are three steps when creating your own tea; Step 1: Create your Blend, Step 2: Label Design and Step 3: Check-out. There is lots of information about each ingredient if you want to learn more, plus you will find tips and suggestions in the left hand column while you are blending. If you really like an ingredient you can even add it to your favourites. We look forward to seeing what you create and can't wait to hear from you about how you enjoyed it.

~ Your Tea, Your Way ~