Celebrities & Colon Cleansing

Celebrities & Colon Cleansing

Colon Health

Celebrity fads are often outrageous. You hear about it today, and then tomorrow its old news. But when I read about celebrities and colon cleansing, I wanted to know more. I always wondered how celebrities managed to stay sooooo thin. Could this be their little secret?

Many celebrities claim their weekend visit to a colonic center does wonders! They've claimed things like weight loss better complexion, better emotional well-being, a heightened sense of mental clarity, and rejuvenated vitality.

Here's a peek into what is a celebrity-like colon cleansing: First you undergo an all liquid diet during the course of the colonic cleansing which may be for 3 days, 5 days or 7 days. A seven day program costs as much as $2500! You also undergo colon hydrotherapy during those days. This is a procedure that takes place through tubes inserted inside the rectum and into the colon. Warm water or other cleansing liquids are passed through these tubes and passed out again. The goal is to remove all accumulated waste and sanitize the colon.

Colon cleansing has got some great benefits but colon hydrotherapy is definitely not for everyone. For one thing it's expensive. Another more valid reason is that if it is not administered properly it could lead to internal damage. It is also possible to get an infection if the equipment is not sterilized properly. I also found out that some people experience extreme abdominal cramps and discomfort during the process and a few days after the process. By cleansing and disinfecting the whole colon, you could actually lose some of the good bacteria that is essential for maintaining optimal colon health. Hydrotherapy doesn't promote natural regularity of bowel movements. In time, the muscles that effect peristaltic movements that help push waste matter down the colon may actually relax and lose their strength. These are some reasons you may not want to opt for colon hydrotherapy or colon irrigation.

If you're looking for the same type of benefits, then herbal colon cleansers can be great options. People who use colon cleansers report the same exhilarated energy, new vitality and rejuvenation for life. Some say they feel that their immune systems are stronger, the complexion exudes a shiny health, and many experience uplifting of moods. In fact, herbs and nutrients found inside herbal colon cleansers can support the growth of good bacteria called microflora. They also work with the body's natural process for elimination. And the price is unbeatable! Just a fraction of what colon hydrotherapy costs with similar health advantages!

With a carefully formulated product like BeneCleanse it is not necessary to even undergo a liquid fast. Many doctors do not recommend fasting as it exerts a heavy toll on the body. Experts agree that such drastic fasts put the body in "survival" mode. Due to the lack of food, the body actually begins to store more fat, a primal mechanism the body uses in order to survive when it fears starvation.

Using a scientifically-based colon cleanser like BeneCleanse can eliminate accumulated waste from inside the colon, making you feel much lighter and more energetic. The secondary phase clears toxins from the system and strengthens systemic health. The third phase is a balanced nutritional supplement with a broad spectrum of multi-vitamins, minerals, an assortment of fruit and bran fibers along with alginates. Fiber has undergone several credible research studies which reveal that it can be used effectively in weight loss programs. Fiber triggers feelings of satiety since it stays in your digestive system for a longer time giving you a feeling of being "full" for a longer time. The alginates are known to suppress the appetite so that you don't feel hungry so often.

Celebrities may not have time to think through the scientific issues of colon cleansing. But then, if colonic centers are dropped, there'd be no excuse for a celebrity weekend getaway would there? The converse is true with BeneCleanse. There's no need for a getaway. You can carry on with your normal lifestyle and it works well for people on a busy schedule, too. BeneCleanse works gently and effectively, but there's no abdominal cramping or the need to remain close to a bathroom. That's because it works with the body's natural ability to restore colonic and systemic health and maintain it. Now, you too can experience all the wonderful benefits of colon cleansing with a scientifically-based product formulated by a well –known doctor after many years of research and clinical testing.