Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and Treatment

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and Treatment

Erectile dysfunction, aka impotence, is an occurrence that is very common amongst men of all ages, in fact approximately one in ten men will experience it at some time during their lives. Although the outlook of the condition has improved in recent years, it is still a medical issue that will affect millions of men in Britain alone.

In case you're unfamiliar with the term, or are simply not sure what erectile dysfunction encompasses, it refers to men who struggle getting an erection. However, it doesn't just apply to men who can't achieve an erection, but it also applies to those who can but the resulting erection is not firm enough for satisfactory intercourse, or even men who achieve an erection for a short time but then lose it. Despite the fact that roughly 26% of British adult men have suffered from it to some degree, it's still a subject area that is downplayed by humour.

Moreover, not only is the seriousness of this problem made light of, but there's also many men who are unaware of why it's happening to them. To ensure that men are adequately informed, here is a rundown of the top three most common lifestyle related causes of erectile dysfunction.

Up first is smoking and drinking; evidence has shown that men who smoke and drink heavily are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than those who don't. The Health Centre reports that a man who smokes one packet of cigarettes or more a day increases the likelihood of suffering impotency by 50%.

Another reason for erectile dysfunction is stress and/or anxiety, which can further add problems if there are underlying conditions like diabetes. If a man suffers from diabetes and as a result cannot get an erection, this in turn can lead to stress and anxiety which will then lead to more frequent episodes of erectile dysfunction.

Finally, lack of exercise can also be a contributing factor for erectile dysfunction. As you can see, all of these causes are linked to lifestyle choices, and yet only 33% of men actively seek help or advice on the condition. The majority of men that do look for treatments, whether by themselves or with assistance of a GP, often use Viagra.

This PDE-5 (Phosphodiesterase type 5) drug doesn't actually cause arousal like many people assume, but simply enhances the erectile response upon sexual stimulation. Other popular treatment options include Levitra and Cialis. These, like Viagra, work by increasing the blood flow to the penis. However, the difference between the three is how long their effectiveness lasts.