Can Your Acne Stem from Colon Health?

Can Your Acne Stem from Colon Health?

Colon Health

The first step to clearing acne is to understand the underlying reasons for acne eruptions. There are several scientifically-based possibilities for the root reasons for acne. Some theories state that acne is due to hormonal changes since it is more prevalent during puberty or adolescent stage. Hormones could likely trigger the onset of acne, but other reasons can also be factored in. A poor diet, sedentary life (lack of exercise), lack of sleep, stress and even poor colon health.

Colon health is related to poor digestive health. This is usually the result of a poor diet loaded with carbohydrates, fats and sugars and not enough protein and fiber. Poor digestive health can lead to an accumulation of toxins in the body, bloating, abdominal discomfort, weight gain and skin troubles.

There are many misleading myths about acne as well. A common myth that people tend to easily believe is that acne can result from poor personal hygiene. It is important to keep your face clean but personal hygiene is usually not the underlying reason for acne. In fact, no one really knows the reason why some people suffer from acne while others do not. It may be a combination of possibilities and varies from individual to individual.

Though acne may have diverse underlying reasons, there are common steps you can take to relieve yourself of acne. Most people simply revert to commercial anti-acne products that contain strong chemicals. These may make your acne go away, but acne is likely to erupt again at a later stage, as has been the experience of many people using such products.

Here are a few tips which will help you deal with acne at a topical and internal level.

  • Avoid washing your face more than twice a day. Too much washing may actually aggravate the skin. Instead of using ordinary soap which has strong chemicals and leaves a soap film, use an aloe vera facial scrub. Aloe vera is a traditional herb known to have antiseptic and moisturizing properties.

  • Avoid too much exposure to the sun. A little sun acts as a disinfectant, but too much sun can lead to sunburn. Sunburn can damage the skin and may result in red acne marks making acne worse.

  • Eat right. In today's society, this cannot be emphasized enough. Eat more fruits and vegetables every day. Try to include at least 2 cups of green leafy vegetables every week in your diet. Greens help to flush out toxins from the body and actually act as internal scrubbers. Drink at least 8 eight oz. glasses of water every day. Avoid too much sugar, smoking and drink alcohol only moderately.

  • Exercise. Get the blood flowing into every nook and corner of the body! Use any form of exercise that is comfortable and fun for you, but do it regularly and consistently. You'll notice a change in your skin health. You'll also sleep better and your metabolism will function normally.
    Lack of exercise can lead to poor circulation. Poor circulation means that the skin does not get enough nutrients to function well.

  • Get enough rest. Our bodies detoxify in the night. The night is the time the body uses to focus on the work of restoring and re-furbishing the body, when all other bodily functions take a backseat.

    Research shows a good night's sleep is more important than we realize. Not getting enough sleep can disturb the metabolism and can even lead to a constant state of fatigue and lead to higher stress levels. Stress is another possibility for acne erupting, especially among adults. Ever wonder how adults get acne? This could be one of the reasons.

    Not getting a good night's sleep can also disrupt the body's regulation of hormone levels, another likely factor for acne breaking out.

  • Use a good herbal colon cleanser. Cleansing the colon can set your body ‘back on track'--sometimes resulting in restful sleep, higher energy levels, stronger metabolism, and less aches and pains. The body is in "balance" and it could results in better skin health and complexion. Colon cleansers help to tone the digestive system, promoting regularity and regular elimination. Colon cleansing has been associated with less restlessness, less irritability, more efficient digestion, better ability to cope with stress and a restful night's sleep.

Scientific-Based Colon Cleanse Formula

There are scientifically-based herbal colon cleansers. These are the ones I would recommend. All the ingredients may be herbal and / or natural nutrients, but they should have credible scientific backing. This means that they should have sufficient research data that indicates their effectiveness and safety for supporting colon health.

An herbal colon cleanser, like BeneCleanse, is a three step process to colon cleansing beginning with the elimination of accumulated waste and toxins from the system. The third step is nutritional support through multivitamins, minerals, fiber and alginates (Alginic acid) for supporting digestion and regularity. Most people experience feeling much lighter after an effective colon cleanse. There is a general feeling of well-being leading to better health on various fronts. Regular colon cleanse users have also noted a reduction in their acne.

A carefully formulated colon cleanse product goes a long way in helping to tone the digestive system and can result in healthier skin and complexion!