Barrack Obama:  Perfect fit for a President!

Barrack Obama: Perfect fit for a President!

If he’s not maintaining our country, you can find him at the gym!

Barrack Obama is the first African American president of the United States of America. He is young, intelligent, and fit. He is the hope of millions of people in and outside the United States. About 22 months in a long and strenuous campaign, Barrack Obama had to prove himself: first with the internal battle against Hillary Clinton, and then the crazy and hostile battle against Sarah Palin, and John Mccain. But, throughout the battle Obama stayed calm, collected, healthy, and fit. Just how did he manage to do it all?

Barrack Obama worked 16 hour days, and traveled thousands of miles across America. Obama sat countless hours in planes, limousines and conferences. He did not have a regular schedule to fit in proper meals as well as a fitness routine.

But Barrack Obama radiates. It is obvious in his energy filled speeches. Yesterday, a glorious day for all, 300,000 cheering citizens in Chicago stood full of emotion and rejoice after Obama had been announced president. They all chanted with the new president saying "yes we can" until he reached his final words of speech. The Republican governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, invited Barrack Obama to his event "The Arnold Classic". "I am going to teach him a few biceps exercises to make his thin arms strong," said Schwarzenegger. Lack of strength and concentration as suggested by some may pose a problem both politically and physically to Obama. But, that is not true. Barrack Obama, the senator from Illinois, has the perfect figure of a long distance runner: little muscle, no fat - and persevering with the advantage of a slender body.

On Election Day, his big day, he goes to play basketball with friends. Again, he lives by his strength and endurance. He was never on, say friends. But Obama's fitness has something natural. While George W. Bush began with the jogging to counteract his alcohol addiction, Barrack Obama spends time on the treadmill, to free his mind, and create inspiration. Obama prefers long fitness training units about 90 minutes long. He just often lacks the time - and not just during the election campaign. When time is limited like during his trip to Berlin (where Obama fabricated his speech on the treadmill in a public gym), Barrack Obama went on and spoke in a plain T-shirt and black pants.

His diet is very simple. Obama rids himself of "fatty foods", but when a corned beef sandwich is served, he never refuses it. There is one addiction that he has to keep himself from falling back into: smoking. He has stopped – but occasionally will light up now and then. "Sometimes during my campaign, I could not resist in the evening and smoked a cigarette," Barrack Obama admits at one of his many press conferences. Like all ex-smokers and as the first black president all struggle with the "key conditions" as he calls it: The desire for a cigarette, coupled with certain situations, like an espresso drink in the sun or a view from the balcony after a hard day's work.

But Barrack Obama is a determined, strong, and fit man. Even before his election into the U.S. presidency, Barrack Obama was among the top 25 Americans in politics with the best overall fitness – both physically and mentally. And, after all is said and done, inside or outside the locker room, in public, or behind closed doors, he seems to be the perfect fit for a president.