18 Fitness Gifts That Don't Suck (except maybe one)

18 Fitness Gifts That Don't Suck (except maybe one)

Wondering what to get that hard to buy for person on your Christmas list?  Well we’ve got you covered. Below are 18 Fitness Gifts That Don’t Suck (except maybe one). And this one would only suck if that were the only fitness gift you got for someone.  Read on to get some great gift ideas for the active person in your life.

  1. Rubber tubing & bands ($5-30) You have to love the versatility in terms of the number of exercises you can do, the portability of where you can train with them and the relatively low cost. Add to that they are appropriate for all levels from beginner up through top level powerlifters and you’ve a great addition to any gym bag.

  2. Fat gripz ($39) Grip strength is the weak link for many people. And a wider bar or handle requires more of the muscles necessary for holding on. Increase your grip strength and watch your other lifts follow suit.

  3. Bodybugg ($250) I’m a numbers guy and the bodybugg puts true numbers to all my workouts. This device tells you exactly how many calories you burn throughout the day so you know how much to eat in order to lose, maintain or gain weight. Be aware that there is subscription service (additional charge) required after the first six months of use.

  4. Sleeptracker ($200) Who doesn’t love sleep? And who doesn’t love waking up at the appropriate time every day feeling totally refreshed. I swear by mine.

  5. Shaker cup ($10) If you’re serious about your fitness goals then you are serious about your nutrition. And this involves making sure you always have a pre/post workout shake at the ready. Shaker cups ensure you have to something to dump your blender drink into before hitting the gym.

  6. Training journal ($5) This doesn’t have to be anything special. But everyone needs one and they’re easy to find. Just make sure this isn’t the only fitness gift you get someone. Because that would really suck. Don’t be that guy/girl.

  7. Lacrosse ball ($5) After a while a tennis ball breaks down and just doesn’t get the job done. And a foam roll just can’t hit certain areas nor does it fit very well in a carry on bag when travelling.

  8. Foam roller ($40) If you’re going to spring for a foam roller, do yourself a favour and get a foam roller plus. The inner core of the roller is a pvc tube and it has an outer sleeve that can be removed and washed. The other cheaper versions break down too early and don’t last.

  9. Partner glute ham raise ($229 est) Who doesn’t want firmer glutes for the holidays? Want to perform glute-ham exercises but don’t have access to a glute-ham machine this is a cool option.

  10. Five fingers ($80) I love my five fingers. Might not be the best for wearing outdoors during the winter but they are definitely great for the gym or a tropical vacation. By allowing the toes to articulate free of the confines of a toe box as well as bringing the heel down to a neutral level does wonders for natural movement and joint health.

  11. Power wheel ($60) Core exercises for the upper and lower body. Small enough to travel with and store away when not in use. Provides a number of trunk anti-flexion exercises.

  12. Gift Certicicate for a massage (varies) Have someone else with strong and qualified hands release all the tension of training. If you don’t know of someone to pick one up from let me know and I can throw a few names of qualified, proferssional RMTs your way.

  13. Magic bullet ($40) If you pick up a shaker cup then this makes a great complement. But if you don’t you’re still ok because this smoothie sized blender comes with a number of cups to take your smoothie to go.

  14. Suspension trainer ($50-150) There are a number of versions you can go with including the JungleGym and gym-popular TRX. Great for all levels. Perfect for people on the go. As many exercise options as your creativity will allow.

  15. Kettlebell (varies) A great training tool. Can be used for rehab, strength or energy system training. The best, and most expensive, come from Dragon Door. A number of exercises can be performed with a single bell.

  16. Chin up bar ($20 and up) Want bigger arms and a nice v-taper down to a small waist? Add in more chins and pull ups. There are a number of versions. Personally I would go with a removeable one rather than bolting one into my wall.

  17. Gym Boss ($20) Maybe you already wear a watch to the gym but does it have a count down timer? And if so, do you take your watch off when using kettlebells so the face doesn’t get wrecked? A Gym Boss has a couple of interval timers you can set, is small and fits easily in your gym bag. Great when doing MET training and intervals.

  18. Vest ($50 and up) Need a way to increase the intensity of your workouts? Or have an arm injury that prevents you from holding a dumbbell or barbell? Throw on a vest and make all the exercises where you have to move your body a little harder. The people at Hyper Wear have come up with a really cool version.

Well there you have it 18 Fitness Gifts That Don’t Suck (except maybe one). Hope this makes your Christmas shopping a little and brings a little joy, and sweat, to someone in your life.