Lose the Belly Fat

Lose the Belly Fat

Tips To Lose the Belly Fat Permanently,

Men most of all seem to have the biggest problem when it comes to losing belly fat. Belly fat is usually a very stubborn type of fat, in that it requires a lot of work to reduce it. There are two types of fat (subcutaneous and visceral fat) that you have in your abdominal area. Both have serious health risk factors associated with them and can lead to many related illnesses.

Subcutaneous fat lies directly beneath the skin and covers up your abs, which doesn’t allow them to be seen. Visceral fat lays deeper underneath your abs and surrounds your organs and has been found to be even more dangerous than subcutaneous fat. For men that carry a beer belly when you push on their belly it has a hard feel to it suffer from too much visceral fat.

There is a huge problem in America and the World associated with excess weight. Most of us would agree that extra abdominal fat is simply ugly and why most people are self conscious about showing off their body are rightful in doing so. It has been found to greatly increase your risk for developing diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and blood pressure.

Reduce your calories - To lose a pound you’ll need to burn 3,500 calories. If you reduce your daily intake by 500 calories you’ll lose the belly fat a pound a week. To lose 2 pounds a week you’ll need to reduce your daily intake by 1,000 calories. Females should not go lower than 1,200 calories daily and men shouldn’t go below 1,800 calories daily.

Get more activity – Step it up and do 10-minute power walks on your way to work. Visit your local malls and parks and do a couple laps around the perimeter with your spouse or friends. Take the stairs any chance your get.

Build muscle - To speed up your metabolism. Muscle is metabolically active vs. fat, so if you build it you can burn fat quicker. Workout the major muscle groups such as your chest, shoulders, back, triceps, biceps and legs. Shoot for 10 to 15 repetitions and 3 to 4 sets for more of a toning effect. Let your muscles rest by doing your weight training two to three times a week.

Get your aerobic exercise on - Aerobic exercise or also known as "cardio," is an efficient fat burner. Mix in your cardio between your weight lifting days for 45 to 60 minutes 2-3 times a week. Any of the following would qualify - running, walking, swimming, elliptical training, and yoga and pilates fall into this category. Reference my Everyday Health Calculators Page to get a breakdown of your calories burned during these activities.

It’s all about focus to lose belly fat through a combination of weight training, cardio exercise, and a lean muscle building diet. Losing your gut and getting a flat stomach can be a slow experience, but it is certainly worth the efforts. The rewards are not only a better looking and fit body, but also improved long term health.

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