2010 Fitness Predictions

2010 Fitness Predictions

Last year at this time I came out with my list of Fitness Predictions for 2009. Jessica Samuels, am1150.ca, took some time on her radio show to look back at how accurate I was. I hit the mark on most of my predictions and a few are maybe just a little ahead of the time. Either way it was a lot of fun and so here again are my Fitness Predictions for 2010.

1. Barefoot Running - As the modern running shoe took off in popularity so has the increase incidence of running related injuries. We were never meant to heel strike. Think about it. If you ran barefoot across a parking lot, what technique would you use? I don't think I'd be over striding while smashing my heel into the pavement. Look for more people to get away from the elevated heel style shoes, to get away from over striding and heel striking and to a whole new wave of people trying out barefoot running.

2. Recovery & Regeneration - When we are tired from training is it because of overtraining or under recovering? It could be both actually but for the average person 3 days per week of activity shouldn't burn you out. But not having enough rest in between, not providing proper fuel and not balancing out the stressors in the body probably means we aren't recovering properly. Look for people to become more aware of the various ways to rest, regenerate and recovery more optimally this year. It's one way we can get more out of our workouts without extra time working out.

3. New Cardio Programs, Equipment and Classes - A barbell is roughly 7 feet long and weighs approximately 45 lbs. A squat looked the same last year as it did this year and will in 2010. When things work we don't need to do a lot to change them. Long, slow-steady state cardio doesn't work and never will. So what do we do? We find a new cardio machine, create a new class or do something that allows us to train at the same, low intensity for about an hour or so and hope the pounds will magically evaporate. Sadly, they will not.

4. Saving Time & $$$ - With a more competitive market place people are seeking value. And they work hard for the money so when they have time to themselves they the ultimate in efficiency. We are getting more bogged down in delays, traffic jams, airport line-ups so that what little time left we have we protect. The Four Hour Work Week described the plan for taking control of your life and having it all. I believe people will extend the principles of efficiency and results to their workouts and look to get the best services, programs for the best return on their time and financial investment.

5. Online Training Programs - This is going to be huge. Five years ago I don't know of anyone that was looking online for a training program. They either consulted with a fitness professional in their local gym, followed a cookie-cutter program in a fitness magazine or attempted to navigate their way solo. A couple of years ago I knew maybe a few people who had invested in online training programs. Now it seems more and more people are feeling comfortable searching and purchasing online. Did I mention we have a Year Long Training Program available online? :)

6. Technology - Technology and fitness are becoming more and more tightly connected. Exergaming probably wasn't a word a few years ago but now with the Wii Fit and Dancetown everyone seems to be familiar with this way of working out. Add to this the number of apps you can download for fitness and nutrition, the number of people using heart rate monitors, GPS and caloric expenditure tools and technology is everywhere in fitness.

7. Decrease in Bootcamps - Don't confuse this one with group fitness training. I see a reduction in the drill sergeant, in your face, no assessment, one size fits all style of training. As the market place becomes more savvy they will begin to weed out the posers and make better informed decisions. The average bootcamper will realize your knees, back and shoulders don't have to hurt in order to lose 10 lbs.

8. Increase of Alkaline Foods - Our bodies our slightly on the basic side of the pH scale. Yet many of the foods we eat push us lower down the scale towards acidity. In order to balance this out I see people making more of an effort to increase their consumption of alkaline foods.

9. More Meals at Home - The only way to truly control what you put in your mouth is to make it yourself. Whenever we eat out we are at the mercy of the chef in the kitchen. At a recent seminar I explained how I ordered a salmon dinner to be healthy to only realize later that this meal had over 1800 calories not counting the drinks, appies and dessert. So during a down economy when people want to control portion, quality of ingredients and style of preparation many will look to eat at home.

10. More Preventative Less Reactionary Efforts - In the past when someone hurt their back they would go see a medical specialist, maybe take some painkillers and ease up on their activity level. Or if they had a digestive disorder they seek out an over the counter remedy to give them relief. People are now taking control of their health more than ever before. They are performing whole body, resistance based workouts to keep their core strong and stable. They are eating a wide range of healthy nutrients and drinking water to prevent the previous disorders they may have experienced. Rather than wait for the problem to happen they are being proactive and addressing the weak links in their health.

11. Educated and Experienced Fitness Professionals - Whenever we hire someone for a service we expect a positive experience. We expect to be treated with a courteous, positive attitude. This much is a given. No one wants to work with the really nice guy or girl who doesn't know how to safely coach a squat or a deadlift. As well, many people at the highest level are seeking practitioners who have seen and worked with what they need and will not be figuring it out as they go. Expect to see the marketplace seek out passionate, educated and certified people who live the life they preach.

Well there you have it. My Fitness Predictions for 2010. Follow along during the year to see how I do. And feel free to let me know if you agree or see something coming down the line in 2010 that I haven't included.

All the best.