What bodybuilding has Taught me About Success

Fitness Expert

1. Only focused action brings results.

You cant leave business success to chance. You cant just throw everything to the wind. You need to plan your work, then work your plan. You need to talk to people daily. You need to hand out business cards daily. You need to schedule meetings, you need to check with your people, you need to go to the office..... You get my point. The same thing is true with your muscle and fitness life.

You need to think ahead of what you are going to do at 3:00 pm today when you KNOW you are going to eat. What are you going to do? Listen, you need to schedule that stuff out. Prep your food.:cooking: Otherwise, your ass is gonna stop off at Mc Donald's later on. You will sacrifice muscle on the altar of laziness, hunger, and convenience. I bought an average little "playmate" lunch box/ice chest. I put "no fear", "volcom", and "hurley" and other stickers on it. Now its bad ass,:rock: and I WANT to bring it to work, full of red meat, chicken, and protein shake!:DWhen I fist started out in this muscle thing, nobody let me off the hook. Nobody gave me an out. Nobody sugar coated their advice when addressing my "problem" of not being able to put on muscle. People would say things like, "damn, thats all you eat?, how do you expect to grow when that's all you eat?" ....and then I'd be pissed off for 3 days.:rifle: I would buy a low carb protein bar for the high amount of protein and someone would say, "if you are a hard gainer, why are you buying a low carb bar?" I would have friends out eat me at the dinner table at a BBQ and then try to give me a ration of shit because here I was, a "bodybuilder" who just got out-ate by an average man. ...... never mind that I had eaten 5 other solid meals that day!:roll eyes:

I said all that to say this. Focus your eating. Eat on purpose. Don't eat in self defense! It pisses me off to no end when I hear of someone who "cant put on muscle", and I see that they are eating stuff like green beans, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Listen, eat on purpose! If you are not eating protein-dense foods with every meal, then you are not going to get the results you want. Only focused action brings results. Otherwise, you're just pissing up a rope.

2. Stay the course, even when there's no immediate results.

I will go through dry times in my little side business of concrete construction. I went through dry spells as a personal trainer, training people after work. I still had to stay the course Of course, the time came, and still comes, when I'll get that phone call, and someone wants me to do a job for them. The phone call will always come.

Remember, your body is stubborn. Its that way in order to keep you alive. Bodybuilding is about forcing your body to do what it doesn't want to do . With that in mind, stay the course. If you have had little results lately, that is your opportunity to show yourself just how dedicated you are to exercise in and of itself. Just go to they gym and have a good time, thats all. Sooner or later, you will win, and your body will give in. Stay the course. I know its hard. But, stay the course.

3. From results come even more results.

This is a strange thing. I have done concrete jobs, and then the neighbor wants me to do their work. Then, the dude across the street wants concrete. So here I am, one guy who's making many others happy with giving them a quality product and service.... and it all started from one job.:dj: From results come even more results.

When you learn to grow some muscle, and your body responds, somehow you get results in places you weren't expecting. I never do rear delt exercises. I get them from my lat work. I never do decline bench presses. I get lower chest development from dips. And I do dips shallow for tricep development. From results come more results. If I know how to build lats, I can put the same tactics and intensity into my forearms to build them. Its a matter of learning HOW to build each part of your body.

Business success and bodybuilding success both have to do with achievement. Its a matter of seeing what you are capable of and what you can accomplish. These are just 3 things that I have taken from bodybuilding and put them to work in my personal life, trying to build a small construction business.