Water Consumption and Weight Loss

Water Consumption and Weight Loss

How to lose weight by drinking the right amount of water

Water plays an important role in weight loss. Water contains zero calories, has no fat, no cholesterol, and is low in sodium; therefore, it appeals to those wanting to lose weight. Water is also an appetite suppressant. The more water you drink, the less of an appetite you will develop. This is another reason why drinking water can potentially help those who are trying to lose weight.

It is a well known fact that increased water consumption helps metabolize stored fat. In order to do so however, the kidneys must receive a sufficient amount of water. If the kidneys are not receiving enough water, they will end up relying on the liver for help. When the liver is working on its' own, it breaks down fat and distributes it as energy to different parts of the body. However, if the kidneys are not getting enough water, and need to rely on the liver, the liver no longer breaks down fats in the body. When the liver is overloaded like this, it causes it to store fat in the body instead of breaking it down. By consuming water, the liver will continue to metabolize fat instead of storing it in the body.

Increased water consumption also effects different parts of the body that help us to lose weight. Generally when we drink more water the endocrine gland's function will improve. When there are signs of improvement an increased amount of fats are used as fuel. So, the more water we drink, the more fats will be fueled.

Drinking water also reduces fluid retention, and causes the body to store less fat. Normally when we don't drink enough water the body will try to store as much fat as it can under the skin. However, when we consume a sufficient amount of water, it makes it harder for the body to store that fat.

Finally, water consumption plays an important role in weight loss. The more water you consume the more weight you will lose, and the less fats will be stored in the body. Also, the more water you drink, the less likely you will develop an appetite. Overall, drinking water is important whether you are trying to lose weight or not, but if you are, it makes a huge difference if you drink a sufficient amount of water.