University Sickness:  Ways to Stay Healthy at School

University Sickness: Ways to Stay Healthy at School

6 Easy Ways to Prevent Illness

With students recent returns to universities and colleges all over the world, there are many viruses and flues that are still swarming the nation. Two of these include the popular H1N1 virus, and the swine flu. So how can university students prevent themselves from getting these and other illnesses? gives you some ideas to stay healthy while hitting the books.

  1. Have a Physical. Most students that are starting university or college at the age of 18 have never had one of these before. Some colleges even make it mandatory for students to get one before commencing the school year. It's a good opportunity for you to sit down and actually talk about sex health, alcohol use and drug abuse without having a parent present.

  2. Learn about Immunizations from your Doctor. Make sure that all your immunizations are up to date before jumping into your dorm room. Make plans to get a flu shot in the fall – both the regular seasonal flu shot, and the vaccination for the H1N1 flu when it becomes available. The H1N1 will be a two-shot regiment, calling for students to get 3 shots for flu vaccinations. This may be a challenge for health professionals working at the colleges to pull students in, but if you know better make the step and get it done.

  3. Check your Health Insurance. All families need to be aware of the medical coverage that is offered from the college. Also, it is important to note if prescription drugs will be covered in the plan from the local pharmacy.

  4. Bring a First Aid Kit. All university and college campuses should have a health unit nurse on the premises, but you wouldn't believe how handy it is to have a first aid kit – including over the counter remedies. Students need to know how to self-treat themselves when a cold is coming on. Tylenol, cough drops and a pack of band-aids are also essential.

  5. Watch your Diet. The worst place to pick up unhealthy eating habits is while you are away at university or college. When mom is not there to make sure you eat your veggies, and the pressures of papers and exams kick in, it is hard to make healthy food choices. The best thing to remember is to eat breakfast in the morning to energize, and get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise daily.

  6. Count your Z's, and get Plenty of Rest. Sleep deprivation is fairly common in university students. Their time clock changes, and even after spending endless nights up, they still manage to roll out of bed for those 8am classes. Setting a specific bedtime can help prevent this. Even if that paper is due the next morning, your prof is more than likely to cut you some slack.

Students at university hate being sick. They already have enough pressures mentally, physically, and socially, and the on-set of an illness can be brutal. So why not prevent it with these 6 easy methods?

From, have a healthy school year!