The Easy To Follow Plan To Senior Fitness

The Easy To Follow Plan To Senior Fitness

Straight Forrward Easy to use


This is a general article that cannot and does not take into account the readers individual health condition. You should talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program.


There is a gross misconception that as you age you become too brittle to work out. If done right, exercising (specifically resistance training) can increase bone density and make your body stronger so you can basically slow down the clock on aging.


"Feel better look better" is a pretty standard marketing slogan for fitness and it's true. With any fitness program you shouldn't take shortcuts and you should be prepared to be patient for your progress (Give it at least 12 weeks). Shortcuts are normally bad news and as a senior you can't afford any accidents. When working out with weights you are dealing with a lot of potentially dangerous equipment so I recommend learning how to use it and not learning by trial and error.


The best way to learn proper use of exercise equipment is to get hands on instruction with a personal trainer. Personal trainers are great to lead and push you while keeping you safe. I myself am a mobile personal trainer and you wouldn't believe how many times I have shown up at clients houses for a scheduled workout and they were sleeping. From this you can easily come to the conclusion that they probably wouldn't have gotten in a workout if I hadn't shown up at their door. Once you feel comfortable using the equipment you still may not want to let your trainer go if for nothing else the huge motivation factor.


All you need is a constant 3 days per week of both resistance training and cardiovascular training (Cardio). Drink plenty of water during your workouts. After your first workout you may notice how weak you are and feel like a lost cause. Don't let this discourage you. Yes you are weak and that's why you need to workout. It may seem overwhelming so here's what you do.


Pick a light weight where you can do 12 semi tough reps with good form.
Next time you work out add 2 reps. By the time you get to 20 reps increase the weight a little bit so you are doing 12 semi tough reps again. Continue with this design.


Exercise is more than resistance training so lets talk about cardio. While resistance training will increase bone density, cardio will make your heart and lungs healthier. Cardio should be done for at least 20 consecutive minutes.

The key to cardio is finding your "Target Heart Rate Zone". You do this by first finding your "Maximum Heart Rate" or MHR. All you do to determine your MHR is take 220 and subtract your age. So if you're 60 your MHR would be 160. From there you take your MHR and take a percentage between 60-80. Beginners should start at 60% and move up gradually. World class athletes do train at higher percentages but lets just leave the 90's for them.


This was a very basic plan on how to get started and design your own program. Exercise doesn't have to be too complicated for it to work. Remember, great things take time to build and your body is no exception. Keep going, don't give up and you will achieve a better quality of life while adding more years to it providing you look both ways before crossing the street and don't stand under any pianos :)