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Insider Secrets For Saving on Your Next Treadmill

Looking for a treadmill for sale? Want to save money and get a better quality treadmill for less?

Everyone wants a deal on their treadmill. The truth is that there are several 'insider' ways to save money on your treadmill that few buyers ever know about.

I've been reviewing treadmills and talking to manufacturers for over 7 years now and I've discovered a few of these secret ways to save money that are listed below:

#1 Know Where To Buy

While you can sometimes get a great deal at the store, it's more likely that you'll pay a markup (even if they advertise the treadmill for sale). This is because the physical store has costs an online seller does not have - like salespeople's salaries, heating, lighting, property taxes, etc.

You're more likely to get a better deal online (not to mention a newer model with more features!) Online sellers don't have the physical store markup costs and these savings often get passed on to you.

Plus if you know where to look you can sometimes get "special" limited time deals. For example, as somebody who runs a popular treadmill review website, I often get manufacturers offering my visitors discount codes, coupons and freebies like free mats or free shipping. I pass these on to my visitors so they can save money.

#2 Know When To Buy

Some, not all, online sellers will drop their prices at certain times of the year or even certain times of the week. For example, I know of one seller that usually drops their prices on a few models over the weekend and puts prices back up on Monday. Not all sellers do this but it could save you a few hundred to watch and see.

And almost all sellers drop prices at certain times of the year like before Christmas and after New Years.

Summer is not the best time to buy since it's typically the slow time of the season and manufacturers won't bother to lower prices to entice a market that's not really motivated to buy.

#3 Know What To Buy

Another way to get a treadmill for sale is by buying last year's model. Most new treadmills for the year come out a few months before the new year (so most 2012 models will come out around November-December of 2011).

This is usually preceded by a rush to sell the older models (in our example this would be the 2011 models) and prices will drop.

Manufacturers need to make room for the new models (which often have the same model name) so they want to clear up any possible confusion by making sure the old model is gone and the new model can be sold under the same name.

This means that they will often have blowout sales right before the new models come out. If you don't mind having an older model (which is just this year's model really), you can often save from $100 - $500 off your treadmill.

So those are some tips on getting a great treadmill for sale deal. A final way to save both time and frustration is to research ahead of time and know which treadmill brands have a good reputation for quality construction and solid, stable feel.

By choosing a high quality treadmill, you'll ensure that you're happy with it and will use it for years to come. Good luck and happy hunting!

About The Author:
Kathryn ONeill is chief editor for - a site offering the latest treadmill brand reviews and product ratings.