The Theory of Autointoxication - What Do We Know?

The Theory of Autointoxication - What Do We Know?

What do you know about autointoxication?

What do you know about autointoxication? It is a hot button topic in the medical community. Autointoxication is the theory based on the assumption that the body can accumulate high levels of toxins if the colon is not working properly.

Studies estimate that 85 percent of adults suffer from some form of gastrointestinal disturbances and irregularity of bowel movements. Naturalists believe that once colon health is impaired, the balance of its entire eliminatory system can be thrown off. The immune system could become weakened resulting in other potential problems such as headaches, mood swings, chronic fatigue, and dull skin tone.

The theory of auto-intoxication originated centuries ago with the physicians in Egypt who administered a colon cleanse program as a preliminary form of dealing with any ailment. Later Greek physicians picked up on the theory. In India, Ayurvedic science also believes that many ailments that people suffer from are rooted in poor colonic health. In the 1800s this theory was prevalent in the western world as well.

Today, colonic health has re-emerged in a number of forms--as colon cleansing fads advertised by famous celebrities as well as scientifically-based herbal colon cleansers. Herbal colon cleansers like BeneCleanse, which offer a scientifically-based formula prime the body's digestive system and aid in the regular elimination of waste.

Such colon cleansing formulas could have the following benefits:

  1. Aids elimination of waste and parasites. The stimulant herbs and dietary fiber help to flush accumulated waste from the colon. Fiber acts as a bulking agent and helps scrape the colon walls of waste matter that may have accumulated there. It not only cleanses the colon of accumulated waste, relieving constipation, but can help to loosen parasites that have made a home there.

  2. Aids Eliminatory Organs. The detoxifying herbs help to stimulate the functions of the eliminatory organs such as the liver and kidneys helping them to perform their functions of detoxification.

  3. Supports Colon Health through Nutrition. The third stage of the BeneCleanse program consists of the multivitamin capsules which contain vitamins, minerals, along with antioxidants and a blend of probiotics and prebiotics that help to bulk waste for easier transport. Fiber (prebiotics) is acted upon by probiotics (healthy bacteria) in the colon. An adequate amount of fiber is essential for overall health as well specifically to colonic health.

Many of us suffer more constipation or bouts of diarrhea because of our poor diets. No matter which theory you adopt, the fact is living with constipation or diarrhea is uncomfortable. All doctors agree that waste must be regularly eliminated from the system. A scientifically-based, physician-formulated colon cleanse formula, like BeneCleanse, provides support for comprehensive bowel cleanse and systemic health. It can help support a healthy colon and promote natural regularity of bowel movements.