One Size Does Not Fit All

One Size Does Not Fit All

Education - If you wanted to read up on a particular topic would you simply grab any book of the shelf? Most likely not. You would ask those in the know who they like and respect in a particular field or topic area. You would google the topic, check amazon and maybe browse a few options at a bookstore before deciding on the book that you think can enlighten you. The more research performed prior to choosing results in a better resource in the end.

Nutrition - Would you gather 19 of your closest friends and each put in $10 to get a customized nutritional plan from a dietitian? This probably wouldn't work very well for you when you consider the differences in allergies, tastes, cooking abilities, schedules, travel and goals. Some of your friends would be ok with no chocolate while others would do anything to keep this in the plan.

Medicine - If a few friends were all suffering from the various colds that go around this time of year would you go together and buy some medicine in bulk? There's no way anyone would ever consider doing this. Prescriptions are very specific to the individual, their health, age, size and dose and are suitable for one person only.

As with the above examples we want to ensure your training is specific to your abilities and goals. We take the time to determine where you have previous injuries and compensations and prescribe the appropriate drills and exercises to re-align and stabilize the body. As you progress through the training we vary the load, the rest intervals, the volume and the frequency of training to elicit the best results for your efforts. We recognize some of you favor and prefer some exercises and lifts over others so we try and find the balance between this and what we know to be effective. Throughout the entire process we will ensure you are using optimal technique and working to just under your threshold, living a little in the tank for the next one.

So remember to make choices that are as specific to you as possible to have the best health possible.

Looking forward to a great week. Hope you have a better one.