Michael Jackson:  This Physical Thriller Lives On

Michael Jackson: This Physical Thriller Lives On

Needless to say, most were shocked by the news of pop super star Michael Jackson's sudden death yesterday afternoon. Jackson, at the age of 50, went into cardiac arrest yesterday morning; a surprise that shocked the nation.

This pop super star gaining the title "The King of Pop" is an inspiration to many new and growing superstars of today's world. Some say that there would be no Justin Timberlake, Kayne West, or Britney Spears, if it wasn't for the influence of Michael Jackson. His biggest hit, Thriller, not only influenced the music world, but also multi-media and video enhancements for today's technological advances. Thriller also remains one of the most well known dances, and music videos throughout the entire nation.

Michael Jackson had a unique way of filming videos, and hired the most talented and physically fit dancers to be a part of his choreography. He also choreographed most of the dances for his sister Janet's music videos using his unique style of dancing.

Jackson is also famous for his signature moves on the dance floor. The groin jolt - sometimes with a screech at the end of it; the hat flips; and last but not least, the ever so popular moon walk. And needless to say, all of Jackson's moves and dance routines kept him in the best physical shape.

This influential pop superstar none the less, will always have a place in the world of music, and will be remembered by all music lovers world wide.