Keep Your Skin Fit

Keep Your Skin Fit

The needs for athlete's skin

Typically, fitness enthusiasts recognize that their nutritional needs may differ from those who do not exercise: however many may not realize that their skin-care needs also differ. Even those who have a clear complexion find that routine exercise can result in blemishes, oily, or dry skin. Scientists are still uncertain about the exact causes, but they do have some worthwhile theories. At a minimum, the sodium content of perspiration, along with exposure to dry air, can lead to dryness of the skin. With appropriate cleansing and care, people who exercise can avoid acne and dryness and foster healthy, good-looking skin.


Sebum, an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands housed in the pores of our skin, reduces the skin's water loss and helps protect it from dryness and cracking. Anaerobic bacterium Propionibacterium acnes, colonized on the skin, may also serve to activate the immune system which can benefit the entire body. Although the bacteria is in a commensal relationship on most people's skin-meaning that it benefits, but the skin is neither significantly helped or harm-sebum's presence in a blocked pore can lead to an acne lesion (blemish). Some people naturally produce more oil (sebum) due to genetics. Exercise enhances the environment in which propionbacterium acne thrives and can lead to an increase in blemishes. A "deep pore" cleanser formulated for exercisers can help remove the extra sebum that is brought to the surface of the skin during exercise. This will also help to remove bacteria on the skin.

During exercise, skin can be become dehydrated due to high levels of sodium in perspiration. People who consume sports drinks with added sodium may increase their likelihood of dry skin even more. Removing the residue of perspiration by cleansing within 30 minutes of post exercise with a cleanser formulated to lift away sweat but not essential natural oils is one key element to encouraging healthy skin. Proper cleansing agents may contain organic salicylic acid (derived from willow bark), and astringents with aloe vera gel.


Most exercisers don't realize that by applying a moisturizer prior to their workout can work as a protective barrier from the elements found in sweat-without clogging pores. Exercise is said to be the fountain of youth, but when skin is dried out, a dried wrinkly appearance results, and can make the person appear older. The moisturizer works by seeping into the pores that open during exercise. The best moisturizers for this purpose may contain red marine algae, citrus and watercress extracts as well as sage.


Although scientists are not sure why; avid exercisers tend to have a higher dead skin cell turn over rate. Skin naturally sheds cells as they die, and these should be removed through proper exfoliation a few times per week. Otherwise, skin can tend to have a dull appearance. Products which can contain a correct amount of jojoba beeds can be used without abrading delicate skin tissue.

Most people will agree exercise is good for the entire body. With the proper care, fitness enthusiasts can sport healthy, vibrant skin as well. Acne and dry skin can be avoided and treated through proper careful product selection, cleansing and moisturizing so that the "healthy glow" of exercise can shine through.

About the author: Sandy Alcide is the founder of Fitness Botanical Skin Care Co. a skin care line formulated exclusively for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. For additional information regarding the products with the mentioned ingredients, log on to: