Ipad Mini giveaway from Blood, Sweat, & Cheers

Ipad Mini giveaway from Blood, Sweat, & Cheers

It is a pleasure to announce that our company, fitness.com, established a partnership with one of the most popular fitness & healthcare companies right now. It is Blood, Sweat and Cheers. Why we decided to do so? Well, it's pretty simple. Both our companies are interested in increasing the overall fitness level of the populace. There is a shift taking place in the health and fitness space where people are less interested by what supplements they can take and more excited about what fun activities they can do with friends. It's not always easy to find these events unless you are tuning into the radio / television at just the right time.

That's where Blood, Sweat and Cheers come in. Blood, Sweat and Cheers is a free daily email that finds the most fun and active stuff to do with friends. You can find some of the latest activities in your area that range from the typical 5k, 10k, marathon; to charity fun runs; to the more extreme mud runs (ie. Tough Mudder & Spartan races) and obstacle courses. If you need more motivation for your workouts, they can point you to some good apps and workout music making your workouts feel less like work and more like fun. Don't have the right gear … no worries, they will help you find the sweetest new gear that we all crave. After all that hard work, maybe you want something fun, but not something that requires quite as much energy. How about a beer pong tournament and a local bar / pub ... well, you are in luck. They will provide that too. Blood, Sweat & Cheers is guaranteed to put a smile on your face no matter what your desire is. If there's one in your area, they will help you find it.

Are you not convinced that you should sign up yet? Still not convinced that their FREE service is something of interest. Give it a test run and you could win an iPad Mini. That's right! Your chance of winning an Apple device with just a couple of clicks. While you are waiting for your great emails, check out their website to see what is going on now.

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