Top tips towards a more confident you!

Being body confident can help to improve all areas of your life. We ask personal trainer Caroline Sandry for her top tips towards a more confident you!

As a personal trainer and pilates teacher I have seen how dramatically peoples lives can change when they make positive changes to their bodies and their health. As people become fitter and stronger, their posture improves and they seem to grow taller as they stand up proud.

Improving your fitness and strength will give you the confidence to try new things such as joining a gym, going for that new job or even trying new clothes, and the great thing is that you will have the energy and stamina to carry out new activities with real vigour and zest for life!

Here are some of my top tips towards getting body confident :

  1. Improve your posture - simply by standing up tall with your shoulders back and your stomach in you will appear more confident and self-assured

  2. Try Pilates exercises to strengthen your core plus lengthen and define your muscles

  3. Aerobic exercise such as dance, jogging or aerobics can lead to a more positive outlook, burn fat and make you feel fantastic!

  4. People who exercise in the morning go on to make healthier food choices throughout the day - so try a brisk walk or 10 minutes of aerobic exercise before breakfast

  5. Try yoga or stretching to help improve your flexibility and range of motion - this will help your body move more fluidly and elegantly

  6. Take every opportunity to move your body: walk up stairs and skip the elevator, get off the bus a stop earlier or walk the kids to school. All these small changes will help you to lose any excess weight and improve your health

  7. Never buy clothes in a size too small. Ignore the label - it is better to buy a 14 than try and squeeze into a 12 and then feel self conscious because your clothes are too tight! A slightly looser fit is always more flattering

  8. Start to love yourself! Instead of focusing on any flaws, start to concentrate on how great you are! Love your legs for carrying you around all day, play up your best features and congratulate yourself on every small achievement.