9 Basic Tips To Lose Weight In About 3-4 Weeks

9 Basic Tips To Lose Weight In About 3-4 Weeks

One of the most important things you can do for your weight loss goals is regular cardio exercise. It really does wonders, especially if you do the the most effective exercises. You have to keep it up if you want to see results. The exercises that burn most calories and get you into shape faster are, running, bicycling, swimming, step aerobics, rock-climbing and inevitably, jogging.

2. Drink lots of water. Water actually increases your body's ability to metabolize fat and greatly helps in shedding your first couple of pounds, also known as water weight.

3. Yoga. People recommend it because it reduces stress. But why is stress a bad thing? Well, when you are stressed your body releases high levels of sugar. And FYI, that's really not a good thing. So, it depends on you. If you're a stressed out person, take up yoga. Play music. Just relax. On the other hand, if you don't need to, then don't.

4. You've heard this one a hundred times, but it's that important. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Increase your intake of them and it'll help you immensely. Opt for leafy green veggies and your body will thank you.

5. Eat more protein. This is essential in weight loss. Especially if you want to keep the weight off, and I'm sure you do. Who wants those pounds coming back? Um, no thanks. Some recommended foods that are high in protein are nuts (almonds), eggs, fish, low-fat yogurt, lean meat and skim-milk.

6. Only eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do not snack when you are bored. It's a terrible habit that many people do (and don't even notice!) and it plays a huge part in obesity. Think about it. Am I even hungry? Grab a piece of fruit instead.

7. Eat your food slowly. Many people tend to just swallow food down and that's wrong. Chew your food 2-3 times before swallowing. It helps your brain register that the food is there and you're eating it. You'll become full faster.

8. Watch your portion sizes. This one is exceedingly important because it applies to so many people! Ever eaten a whole bag of rice cakes in one sitting? We're all guilty of it. Well, truth be told, it won't help you lose weight. When eating chips, nuts, or dried fruit, put a portion in a small bowl and then put the bag away. That way you won't mindlessly eat a larger portion than you had intended.

9. BE CONSISTENT. This is THE most important rule and I cannot stress it enough. Be consistent with your exercise or I'm telling you, it will NOT work. You have to be dedicated and work hard to see results. Don't expect a miracle. You don't just lose weight over night but, don't get me wrong, healthy weight loss can be found and maintained if you are CONSISTENT and CONTINUE with your healthy eating habits and exercise even after your weight loss.