Why run? When you can spin

Fitness Expert
Running isn't the only way to get fit, as many people still believe. There is another way, back in the 1980's a new form of exercise was developed. The light began to shine and men all over the world started joining exercise classes and didn't feel left out or embarrassed for being the only man in class, and the women who didn't quite catch the aerobics bug. The fitness nation welcomed the birth of Spinning!

Spin or indoor cycling is an excellent way of gaining cardiovascular fitness both aerobic and anaerobic. This grit your teeth, heart pumping, leg burning and very character building form of exercise will give you the kick up the arse you need to get in the best shape of your life. It doesn't demand fitness from you it gives fitness to you. The options are varied with no pre-requisite skills needed; just a drive to do your best is all you need. Can't ride a road bike well that doesn't matter here!

Bike setup and both you and your group of sidekicks are off, the nice instructor you saw walk in slowly turns into a bit of a mad man/woman. Steady warm-up and into the main session you head. As I said before the options are varied. Seated climbs/sprints, standing climbs/sprints changing hand positions to make you more aerodynamic as you go. Taking onboard a sip of water and a wipe down whenever it's needed.

Breath, keep your head up and stay focused, everybody else in the class is feeling what you're. Add another turn of resistance and start to power away, push and pull on the bikes peddles; now add another turn of resistance and rise up into a standing climb. Keep your knees in forward alignment and bring your chest down a little, on my mark steady your upper body so we're moving our legs only and get ready to sprint as hard as you can.

3, 2, 1, sprint……

If you're looking for a tough class which will burn up to 500calories per session, increase your fitness quicker over time compared to running alone then book in for the next class and you to will see and feel the difference.

I wanted to increase my own fitness capacity so I signup and done a number of different courses some good ones and some bad ones and have never looked back since, I teach classes weekly and have done so for 4 years now. When you see the same faces every session you know you're doing something right, and it's a pleasure teaching. I take my classes through a split of 30mins spin /30mins strength/Tabata training, which helps to keep things fresh and the group motivated. Most people leave the class and return within the next week… they curse and swear but everybody gets on with it.

Classes are a great way to get fit but sadly passion isn't with some instructors who don't put any time and effort into their session plans. And will make you do umpteen press-ups using the bike handles. This is called time wasting, but don't let this put you off, find a good instructor and you'll be set.

Get started now and enjoy the results without the impact.

Andreas Michael