Picking the right weight bench.

Picking the right weight bench.

When picking the right weight bench you need to follow these simple steps. Then you will be able to find your exercise routine more enjoyable.

I recommend a person to take a huge step back and look at the big picture. They need to have a clear understanding of what kind of strength training program, or cardiovascular program to follow. The fact is most people who buy a weight bench never use it. If these individuals would have taken a step back and had followed what I suggest in this article, I would be willing to bet they would actively use their weight bench to benefit muscle building, and fitness.

The first thing you should do, before even setting foot into a weight lifting equipment store, is understand your fitness goals. What are your main objectives? Lose weight, gain weight, improve aerobic capacity, or increase strength? You must have a clear understanding of exactly what you desire to accomplish.

The next step is to create a specific weight lifting routine. If you know your goals, as well as your exact routine, you will be more qualified to purchase the proper weight bench. Your strength training program will direct you into what you really need to purchase in order to accomplish your weight lifting goals. Also keep in mind, strive to choose equipment you enjoy working out on. It doesn't make any sense buying a specific weight bench if you don't like the way it feels.

Though available in many brands and designs, the fundamental features you should be looking for when selecting a weight bench should be a sturdy and strong foundation that doesn't run the risk of breaking or tipping over. Although it helps to have something that can disassemble easily when you have to move it, try not to sacrifice structural soundness for any sort of portability. Go with a weight bench that may even have a widely set rack that can provide that extra support where you need the most stability; up around your shoulders.

  • Find a weight bench with an adjustable rack. If you're doing serious lifting, the barbell should be held at arms length. Many higher quality weight benches have this feature and it's handy if you're throwing around heavier weights. Mind you; it's no replacement for a spotter.

  • A nice feature to have is an adjustable incline bench that makes it possible to focus on your shoulders and upper pectorals. Something as simple as a metal rod that locks into place underneath the cushion of the bench at different heights will work fine. Most, even lower quality, models have this feature.

  • Also, some models have a leg extension and curl feature at the base of the bench. Not always the best way to train your legs, but something else worth considering for a more complete workout. Personally, I find them no replacement for a proper leg exercise machine, and seem to only get in the way.

Comfort should also be a factor, when purchasing a weight training bench. Weight benches are padded for your comfort. Some offer more padding than others. Again, it really depends on what you are looking for in a weight bench. Once you have looked around, and completed your comparison shopping, you will have a better idea of what to choose.

I am over 40 years of age and have struggled with my weight and health all my life. I have made the changes like I have suggested and have had tremendous results by dieting and exercising. I have equipment and programs on my website for you to use to create a healthy lifestyle.