How to Make a Gel Icepack

Fitness Expert
Ok, so mom use to reach for the frozen peas, but the newer generation has an easier way than defrosting tomorrow's dinner...

The Standard Method:

1 cup rubbing alcohol
2 cups water
Liquid food coloring if desired
Ziploc Freezer Bag (1 quart size)

Pour liquids into freezer bag, (if you add food coloring you'll know at a glance that it's your ice pack and not something to consume) remove air and seal bag. Place bag seal side down into another ziploc freezer bag, remove air and seal that bag. Place in freezer and use (and reuse) when needed (nice and slushy!).

(Because the alcohol will not freeze, the bag stays like a gel that can be shaped to fit a curved surface.)

Method #2

Liquid Dish Detergent
Ziploc Freezer Bag

Squirt liquid dish detergent in a ziploc bag until the bag is about 3/4 full, seal and then freeze.
Method #3

2 cups water
1/3 cup vodka (80 proof) (again, because it won't freeze)
Food coloring (any color you like)
Ziploc Freezer Bag

Pour liquids into ziploc freezer bag, add food coloring (you'll know at a glance that it's your ice pack and not something to consume) and freeze. Makes a nice gel type ice pack.

Always have some sort of towel between your skin and the ice pack!!

Tips: When taking ice packs from freezer to use, wrap in towel first before applying to body. If ice packs freeze too hard and aren't slushy, simply allow the ice to melt in bag then add more alcohol.