Heart Healthy Delicious Chocolate Tea!

Heart Healthy Delicious Chocolate Tea!

When you're on a heart-healthy diet, there are a lot of foods that are not allowed in your diet. If you are like most people then surely you get frustrated thinking of the things that you're not supposed to eat. I decided to go on the hunt for foods, delicious foods, I can eat! Like me, you may be looking out for new heart healthy foods to add to your diet rather than taking away from it! Here are a few delicious, and heart healthy items I found.

The latest research on chocolate says that dark chocolate can be good for you! The polyphenols found in chocolate are actually said to be good for heart health and circulation. So take heart – go ahead and eat a little chocolate every day – it's absolutely good for your health! I should mention that it's the pure cocoa that's beneficial for health and not the milk chocolate variety which will add more calories to your diet. Choose pure cocoa or the next best thing which is bitter chocolate. You might want to try cocoa tea or chocolate tea as well. These are found as health or dietary supplements.

Another great heart health and immune booster is green tea. Like pure cocoa, green tea is also loaded with polyphenols which give green tea its antioxidant strength. Green tea has been studied for its benefits to heart health in assisting the body to regulate healthy cholesterol and glucose levels. Green tea is known to be stress-relieving, calming and soothing the nerves. Green tea is believed to support immune health. It also has anti-bacterial properties. Here are a number of good reasons to include green tea in your diet.

There's another antioxidant which heart health watchers are incorporating into their diet. It's a plant nutrient called Resveratrol. Ever wonder why some experts tell you to drink red wine for heart health? There's a nutrient in it called Resveratrol. Resveratrol grows on the skin of red grapes in reaction to a fungal infection. Research indicates it may have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Moreover, it helps your body to support heart health and strengthens the immune system. Research indicates its abilities to support proper blood flow and circulation.

Chocolate Tea to Boost Heart Health!

Pure cocoa, Green tea and Resveratrol-three great things to add to your diet which are great for heart health. And what's more – it's found in one great, delicious cocoa tea supplement called CocoPure! CocoPure, chocolate tea, contains no fat, no milk, and no sugars. At just 30 calories a serving of cocoa tea, it also makes a great chocolate tea diet drink. The antioxidant value is 5,250 for every 7.4 grams-that's a pretty powerful antioxidant dose for good heart health!

For times when you are craving for something delicious and chocolaty – a cup of chocolate tea, CocoPure, definitely satisfies the heart!