Fast Food or Simply Fast?

Fast Food or Simply Fast?

I've mentioned previously the importance of eating small, frequent meals in order to have the leanest, healthiest bodies possible. As well, many of you have heard me use the analogy of a camp fire to describe our metabolism.

So the question becomes is it better to have a fast food meal to keep the metabolism up or to skip a meal until the opportunity to eat something healthier is available?

The quick answer is always to eat something rather than to fast. If we go with this option then there a few things we can do to minimize the impact of a fast food meal. These include:

  1. choosing seafood or fish, chicken or turkey in that order

  2. drinking water

  3. other than salsa or mustard passing on the condiments

  4. request no salt be added

  5. ditching the bun or at least the top of the bun

  6. choosing grilled over breaded or deep fried

  7. ordering the side salad to go with

  8. if calorie info is available choosing a 300-500 cal option

If you have ordering tips that have helped you in the past let me know and I'll pass them along.

All the best.