Ditch the Dreadful Gym For a Fun Fitness Boot Camp in Los Gatos

Ditch the Dreadful Gym For a Fun Fitness Boot Camp in Los Gatos

Ultimate Potential's Amazing Bootcamps

As exercise fads catch on like wildfire these days, it's hard to get motivated to devote another hour on the treadmill or to stick it out with your usual, boring gym routine. Even the most dedicated athlete gets bored pounding out the miles on an elliptical or lifting germ-ridden weights with headphones blasting motivational music. In our quick-fix, short-attention span culture, we're even bored with our workouts, which is precisely why we end up ditching them for an evening on the couch with our favorite junk foods instead.

Shows like Biggest Loser and Survivor have gained widespread attention in recent years as people watch in fascination as other people are, quite literally, pushed to their limits. Taking cues from these kinds of shows (as well as time-honored military practices), the birth of fitness "boot camps" has inspired otherwise undisciplined people to take the fitness plunge.

Though some might shudder at the mere mention of a fear-provoking phrase like "boot camp," these kinds of fitness programs are actually the perfect start for beginners who need a disciplined exercise routine. Also perfect for the experienced athlete, a good boot camp program with the right trainer can give you that extra boost of inspiration to go the extra mile-or two.

Why is boot camp a better option? While training at the gym can be helpful, a structured program that is tailored to your personal fitness needs can deliver results in half the time that you'd spend sweating it out at the gym. There's no need to spend time figuring out how many crunches to do or obsessively calculating your BMI. With a fitness boot camp, professional trainers design a workout program that works for you while also helping you plan meals, create shopping lists, and identify obstacles that may be keeping you from achieving optimum health. And, since everyone knows that an important part of staying motivated to exercise is having people to do it with, it can also be a great way to meet other people who are dedicated to getting healthy. Moreover, committing to a boot camp program will help you stay accountable to an exercise routine instead of dreaming up ways to avoid it.

Another unique characteristic of fitness boot camps is that they often involve the excitement of exercising outdoors. Whether you're trekking up a rugged mountain trail, doing squats on the football field, or rowing a canoe on a lake, fitness boot camps offer an invigorating alternative to the boredom of being stationary at the gym. It's much harder to dread your workout when you're enjoying beautiful scenery, fresh air, and the company of other people committed to the same goals.

Ultimate Potential, a life mastery and fitness adventure company, offers fitness boot camps that are tailored to your personal workout needs. To learn more and turn your workout into an adventure, visit www.Ultimate-Potential.com