Colon Cleanse Programs: Science-Based or Publicity Gimmicks?

Fitness Expert

Colon cleanse programs are all the rage. There are a number of conversations about colon cleansers between skeptics and sometimes the medical profession; colon cleansing is still very popular. Some use it to simply ease constipation; some to restore a natural microflora to the intestines and tone digestive health; some see it as a healthy ritual, an internal purification to keep the colon cleansed and the body free from excessive toxins and its harmful consequences. Some use the professional services of colon cleansing centers either as an outpatient or register for a colon hydrotherapy program that could last for 7 days to a month.

Colon hydrotherapy, herbal colon cleansers, laxatives and purgatives, detox diets. Let's weigh some of the claims and the credibility of different colon cleansing methods.

Which colon cleanse program is considered to have more credibility?

Colon hydrotherapy or colon irrigation programs have been made popular by celebrities who use this form of therapy to lose weight or enhance their energies. Colon hydrotherapy requires professional and trained administrators and the use of sanitized equipment. Lack of any of these could be harmful to the colon or lead to infection. Many experience severe cramping lasting for several days after the procedure. The program is often accompanied by liquid diets or total fasting which may or may not suit your constitution. There is really no clear scientific basis for this type of colon cleanse.

Laxative and purgatives have harmful side effects, too. Many of them are addictive when used repeatedly. They also may result in loss of body salts leading to a disturbance in the electrolyte balance. They are known to act harshly on the body so you may need to keep close to a restroom after taking the dose prescribed.

In both the above colon cleanse programs, essential bacteria needed to maintain important functions of the body, are lost. The colon is cleansed of both good bacteria and bad disturbing digestive functions.

Well-formulated herbal colon cleansers are known to have the least side effects. When used in accordance with the directions, they not only do the job of relieving a constipated system, but also help restore good bacteria to the intestines thus toning healthy digestive functions.

Do colon cleansers really help you to lose weight?

You may find several colon cleanse products advertising a 10, 20 or even 40 lbs of weight loss after using their products. As a result, many consumers look to colon cleanse programs as weight loss aids, but this is not advisable. Dr. Janice Rafferty who is chief of colorectal surgery at the UC says that these claims have no proven scientific support.

However, using a good colon cleanse prior to beginning any weight loss regimen may help to enhance weight loss. It should be a well-formulated comprehensive colon cleanse program which helps to cleanse the colon and prime digestive health. A well-functioning digestive system is able to more efficiently digest and absorb nutrients and eliminate fats from the system.

Do science-based colon cleansers really exist?

It all depends on the ingredients used and the formulation and how it helps your system. Here are a few guidelines:

Choose the Right Colon Cleanse Ingredients

Since all colon cleanse products come under the category of dietary supplements, they are not strictly regulated by the FDA. The ingredients used in herbal colon cleansers have not been approved by the FDA, except for psyllium husk, a dietary fiber. Not all colon cleanse programs contain psyllium husk, however. Some use other fibers such as flaxseed. Before you choose a colon cleanse program, it is advisable to do some homework on the ingredients using Internet resources that offer valid, unbiased educational information on research done on common herbs used in colon cleansing kits. Colon cleanse programs, like BeneCleanse, are generally a good choice since they are formulated by a qualified doctor and consist of ingredients that have maximum scientific support with minimal or no known side effects. Remember, it is important to use colon cleansers according to directions given for maximum benefits.

Choose Colon Cleansing with Systemic Support

The colon is part of the digestive system. When cleansing the colon, priming the digestive health for better performance is equally important. The colon is also our main detoxification organ. It carries out toxins from our system. There are other eliminatory organs, like the liver and kidneys, which also need support for optimal performance. A good colon cleanse program should provide systemic support of eliminatory organs and digestive health. Neither colon hydrotherapy, nor OTC laxatives or purgatives provide this kind of support. Herbal colon cleansers view colon health systemically.

BeneCleanse contains scientifically credible ingredients, provides systemic support and also offers nutritional support to nourish your body with essential vitamins, minerals, probiotics, dietary fiber (psyllium husk) along with digestive and detoxifying herbs. This nourishes the body for supporting both colonic and digestive health.