Better Health Through Chocolate

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A few years ago Cornell University released a study that was published in the American Chemical Society's Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry (December 2003). The comparative study revealed that of the three antioxidant-rich foods-green tea, cocoa and red wine-cocoa turned out to be the winner with the highest antioxidant activity.

The research team found that cocoa contains phenolic phytochemicals (flavonoids). Phenolic compounds protect the plant against pathogens and insects. More than a decade earlier, scientists had discovered that these phenolic compounds remain active even after food is processed and have health-protective benefits in humans.

Antioxidant Potencies in Cocoa, Green Tea and Resveratrol (Red Wine)

All three beverages-cocoa, green tea and red wine-contain phenolic compounds called gallic acid equivalents (GAE) and flavonoids called Epicatechin equivalent, (ECE). The antioxidant content in one cup of each beverage amounted to:

611 mg of GAE and 564 mg of ECE in a cup of cocoa.
340 mg of GAE and 163 mg of ECE in a glass of red wine
165 mg of GAE and 47 mg of ECE in a cup of green tea

Health Benefits of Antioxidants

Studies show that these particular antioxidants have a positive influence on health, especially in protecting cardiovascular and arterial health. They promote digestive health and boost immune levels in the body. The most important antioxidant found in red wine is resveratrol. Resveratrol combined with the antioxidant potencies of green tea and cocoa are known to help regulate healthy blood pressure and assist the body in regulating normal glucose levels. Cocoa helps to stimulate the production of the feel-good hormones, serotonin. Resveratrol helps to promote energy levels.

The Healthier Option-Pure Cocoa or Chocolate Bars?

What about chocolate bars? Are they just as good for health as cocoa? Most doctors and scientists would not recommend eating chocolate bars for health because of the amount of saturated fat and sugar present in them. In contrast, one cup of pure cocoa contains about one-third the amount of fats when compared to a standard size chocolate bar (about 40 grams). Pure cocoa imparts a higher level of antioxidants, contains less saturated fat, and is thus more beneficial for health.

Cocoa Tea-A Combination of All Three Antioxidants!

The best beverage would be a combination of all three antioxidant-rich ingredients! That is exactly what CocoPure provides. Made from pure cocoa, green tea extracts, and resveratrol, this cocoa tea packs in quite a strong antioxidant punch!

• Cocoa tea contains a powerhouse of antioxidant potency and their health-supporting benefits.
• Cocoa tea has an antioxidant value of 5,250 units a serving!
• Cocoa tea contains just 30 calories a serving!

Who Should Drink Cocoa Tea?

With all its benefits, cocoa tea has several advantages for those on a diet, for those wanting to support heart health, for vegans, for those who want to boost immunity, for health enthusiasts who want to boost their energy levels and for diabetics! Cocoa tea, hot or cold, makes a great healthy substitute for coffee. Good times with family and friends can include the sharing of a healthy cup of cocoa tea. Let the good times, and good health, keep rolling!