Single Arm Overhead Triceps Press with Band

Exercise Tube or Band Triceps

This band exercise targets the triceps. If you want to adjust the challenge of this exercise, try increasing or decreasing the strength of the band you are using.


  1. Start this exercise in the lunge position with your right foot forward, and your left foot behind you. The band should be around your left foot, and extended up behind you with your left hand grasping one or both handles just behind your neck. Your left elbow should be bent in and extended upwards and right arm resting at your side.

  2. Exhale and push left hand straight up towards the ceiling. Hold for 2 seconds, exhale, and release back to start position for one rep.

  3. Do 10-12 reps to start, and increase as you progress. can not be held responsible for any injuries which may occur as a result of these exercises, advice or recipes displayed on this website. Do not undertake any exercise program, diet or treatment provided by the site without professional or qualified supervision.