Triceps with Band - Both Arms (II)

Exercise Tube or Band Shoulder: Rear Shoulder: Side Shoulder: Front Triceps

This exercise is designed to work the shoulders, upper back and triceps. If you want to increase or decrease the resistance or challenge of the exercise you can do so by changing the type of exercise band to either a stronger or less resistant one.


  1. Start by standing with feet shoulder width apart. Elbows should be level with shoulders and elbows bent to form a 90 degree angle. Hold each end of the band tightly. The band should be directly above your head.

  2. Exhale and pull band by straightening your elbows. Hold for 2 seconds and release back to start position.

  3. Do 10-12 reps. can not be held responsible for any injuries which may occur as a result of these exercises, advice or recipes displayed on this website. Do not undertake any exercise program, diet or treatment provided by the site without professional or qualified supervision.