Vic’s Weight Loss

147.7 lbs

Today I’m up early. Which is great!!! Finally!!! No energy since I was up late. So I’m having an energy drink then I’ll go again.

Easter late lunch/early dinner. I had half a glass of sangria. Had a little pernil, rice, Mac and cheese, and salad. Brought some home for my bro. Also took home some cupcakes that I WILL NOT touch! Had half a pate.


10 min on treadmill videos YT
30 min Latin dance AF
30 min treadmill AF
30 min treadmill YT
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145.7 lbs!!! Low weight!!!

This morning I got up early and worked out. Feeling good. Going to do some more videos later.

I got really motivated with my sis’ losses. I can’t let her beat me since I’m so close to my first goal weight which is under 145 lbs. BMI normal at this point. I also got motivated because I watched a weightloss video on YouTube. And the person said you need to get into a fat burning mode. So I’ve been trying to do that. Get my heart rate up at different speed and intensity.

Also, I’m drinking more water. It’s noon and I’m tired. I want to take a nap but I am trying to get into a better sleep cycle. I’ve been awake after 1 am this past week. Wake-up can be anytime but I prefer early mornings. Trying to go to bed at 10 pm. I’m even taking ambien and still go to bed later than I want to.

Drank a lot of iced water today.


45 min treadmill AF video
35 min castle trail ttw audio
90 min treadmill talking with mom


0 cal iced water
35 cal Coffee with almond milk and Splenda
75 cal Egg and a 25 cal tortilla
30 cal 3 shrimp and 25 cal sautéed cabbage and carrots
50 cal string cheese
30 cal 3 shrimp and 25 cal sautéed cabbage and carrots
30 cal salad with sg poppyseed dressing
50 cal for coffee with creamer and Splenda
35 cal for iced coffee with almond milk and Splenda
50 cal for string cheese
75 cal an egg and 25 cal tortilla
30 cal bite of a rib
40 cal of 1 tbls of white Chinese rice
30 cal 3 shrimp
20 cal 2 energy drink

And that’s all for today. Hopefully. About 700 or so cals
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Up again!!!

146.7 lbs

Early lunch. Pasta and ground turkey with pasta sauce.

Got the aspiration done. Can’t exercise for a couple of days.
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Ate too much carbs yesterday!!!

Weight back up!!!

Today I had a coffee with creamer and Splenda and hotcakes for breakfast. 2 whopper jr with cheese without bottom bun. Then I had a slice of 35 cal with 45 cal cheddar cheese. Late night I had some cream of wheat.

Tomorrow I will start back exercising!!!
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Anything that keeps me from exercising for a couple of days is generally unpleasant enough that it makes me want to overeat.
150.2 lbs!!! Was doing so good!!!

Anyway, today I had 2 whopper, jr. with cheese and a bowl of cream of wheat. A string cheese. And almond milk iced shake with bananas, coffee, and Splenda
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Thanks, Cate and Llama. Have to add more veggies to my meal.

150.0 lbs

Had some wasabi peas. Late afternoon had some baked little potatoes and bbq chicken breast on the wok. Dinner I had a .40 cal bread, 40 cheese, and 40 almond milk.

Made an appt with myself to walk at 7pm. Being too lazy!!

Did a 34 min walk watching the news. Just did a 5 min abs workout on YouTube.
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Well in the 150s again!!!

Anyway today was my sis A bday. We did our nails in Boston, had brunch and came back to hang out and sis happy bday.

I had half a steak quesadilla. The rest I gave to my bro. Then I had one and a half cocktail. Dinner was salmon with potatoes. And of course, Chantilly cake. And I did have some crackers and cheese for apps.

Tomorrow we r going to the hospital for my niece baby that’s still in nicu. So will prob have roti if shop is open. In Boston so lots of traffic. But I’m not driving!!!
Not having to drive in city traffic is always a relief. Is your niece ok? Was she very early?
Tomorrow I’ll start back dieting and working out.

After the visit to the baby we got some trini food. I ate 3 pilorii and some oxtail and pumpkin with a roti. Have half. Rest for later.
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Glad to hear she'll be ok. We're so lucky to live in a time - and in places - with pretty reasonable medical care.
We are very lucky to live in a time & a place where we get good health care. I'm glad your niece & the baby are well, Vic xo
151.5 lbs. Feeling really embarrassed at this weight!!! Oh well, will keep trying!!!

Today the cleaners are coming this morning.

Then the eclipse. I was thinking about going to the park but decided against it. Prob have tons of people. So I’ll just go outside my condo. Sis gave us some glasses. Glad today was a bright and clear day. Didn’t have total eclipse but above 90% partial eclipse.

Fasting… Last time I ate was at 10 last night… just doing it as long as I can. Well I quit at 5 pm. Had a small piece of my bro cheesesteak from Panera. Going to have some cream of wheat.

Exercise…Walked for 35 min. Will do more tomorrow. I listened to Time to Walk on my Apple Watch. I paired it with my speaker.

My brother left for a bit. Came back late tonight.
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