Vic’s Weight Loss

I don't think I've ever had ground chicken but I'm seeing some protein and some veggies and that's always welcome!
Thanks, Llama.

147.9 lbs

Went to brunch this morning for MA bday. Had 1 passion fruit and 1 tambrand mimosa. Had a piece of salmon, potatoes, bacon, carrots. And a Irish coffee with Baileys. And a slice of Spanish cake with vanilla ice cream. Dinner was an egg with egg whites, one slice of bacon, and one slice of 40 cal bread. Late night eating of 2 slices of 40 cal bread, smear of pb and milk and Splenda.

Walked for an hour on the treadmill doing AF videos. I want to do some more videos later. I’ve been staying up late.
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148.1 lbs

Going to a baby shower. Not eating till then. I think L is coming and making curry.

So had quite a bit of things, including cake and different sweet things.
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148.5 lbs

Went around castle trail by myself. Both my sisters could not make it. 35 min walking.

Breakfast was an egg, egg whites, and a slice of bacon. Lunch was salad with a little crispy chicken. Dinner was salad with steak tips and little pita bread.

Walked for 31 min on treadmill. Did a 30 min Latin dance AF video.
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Thank you, Llama. I did feel good going around the trail. Might go later by myself.

148.5 lbs

Woke up late since I stayed up till after midnight. Had a chicken ranch wrap for lunch. Going to have an energy drink later. Then I’ll go start exercising.

Walked around castle trail for 38 min. Did a 45 min walk on treadmill AF video. Did a 20 min walk with AF.

Had egg whites with bacon for dinner. Late night having some little potatoes with teriyaki chicken breast on my wok.

I’ve been spending too much money on out food for my brother and me. So, I’ve recommitted on buying food and I’ll cook. Since my bro won’t make anything.

Going to bed early to try to sleep before midnight.
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Ended up eating oatmeal late last night.

149.3 lbs

Dropped off twins by sis A. Went with sis I to go to see my niece newborn girl. She has a lot of hair.

Had roti with curry beef with pumpkin and cabbage. Already ate the whole thing. I’m really full.

Had a cutie and a half glass of 2% milk with Splenda.
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Thanks, Cate and Llama.

149.3 lbs

Went for my mammogram today. Had a little lunch. Might have an oatmeal later.
Thanks, Floater, Cate, and Llama. I hope my mammogram went well. The tech said the doctor will look it over then send the results to my pcp. I’m thinking if I don’t hear back it’s fine.

148.4 lbs

Brother making curry duck and rice. Had some for lunch.

Almost done cleaning and putting away laundry. 4 pm I just have to vacuum floor.
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Well, I have to get an ultrasound, on Tuesday. So I hope it’s nothing. Not going to worry for now.

I’m up late tonite. Didn’t take my ambien. So I’m just going to stay awake until tomorrow night. I just want a normal sleep cycle. Well in bed 245. I’ll try to sleep and try to get up at 830

Did my mom’s taxes. I will check it angain on Sun and then mail it off with her meds to her.

I will prob not weigh in until Mon. Have to get my sleeping right.
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Usually it is nothing but either way it's good you're getting checked :grouphug:
Go you for being such a supportive daughter! And sister. And aunt. ❤️