Vic’s Weight Loss

Thanks, Llama. I’m hoping it’s nothing. I have a lot of dense breast tissue. So it’s not a surprised that I have to go in again.

No weight to be recorded until Tues morning.

Lunch time I had an avocado toast with an iced coffee from DD. Midafternoon had 1.5 tortilla with a mozzarella stick and curry and a small piece of Johnny cake. And went to Starbucks for a pf lemonade with Splenda.

Did a 10 min AF workout with jogging and walking. Going to do another one later. Did another 10 min AF so with jogging and walking and hills.

Drinking water. Just had a handful of mixed nuts. Had oatmeal with almond milk for dinner. Late night an egg and a tortilla.
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I had to change to wireless, metal-less bras a couple of months back (because skin) and my lymph nodes haven't been swollen once since the change. It's honestly a shocking difference. If your issue is similar it might help?
No, Llama, I don’t think that’s my issue. My dense tissue is genetic.

Up late last night. Watching movies.

Today my sis making curry goat.
Thanks, Llama.

149.9 lbs

Up late last night. Woke up early today.

Walk/run for 20 min on a AF video. Then walked for 10 min watching YouTube videos.

I have to take my bro to Bedford for his meds this morning.

Maybe I’ll do a strength video today.

Breakfast was a yogurt. Lunch was a yogurt too. Dinner was a steak kids meal from chipotle and one bone in rib from Lis.

Walked for an hour and 15 min on treadmill watching tv.
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22 days till my vaca to PR.

Gotta lose at least 5 lbs. So today is my first day (again). No one to bother me this week.

GW1: 145.0 lbs

Tomorrow is my ultrasound at 8. So early. I really want to get up earlier to work out.
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148.0 lbs

Went to my ultrasound this morning. Found 2 cysts close together. Dr recommended to get aspiration or wait another 6 mo. Said it’s likely benign. But to be sure I have an appt next Tues for the aspiration.

Had a McDonald’s coffee and a yogurt. Late lunch of a yogurt. Had 2 whopper jr without bottom bun.
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Thanks, Cate and Llama.

146.4 lbs

Had a chipotle kids meal. Having a yogurt. Had some corn nuts. Had some pan saboa bread with blood pudding. Had a yogurt.

Walked for 35 min watching tv on treadmill. Might do something else later.
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146.7 lbs

Waiting for the inspector by my sis house. Afterwards going to get my bro some filet o fish from McDonald’s. I’ll have a yogurt. I’ll decide later what’s for dinner.

Will def workout later. Kinda been slacking on that.

Had a kids meal from chipotle. 2 45 cal slice with pb smear. Then a 25 cal tortilla with 80 slice of bologna. And 50 cal of string cheese. Slice of bread with pb. Then an orange. And a yogurt.

Did 23 min on treadmill until I got interrupted by my sis. Plan on going again later.

Did 30 min of walking on treadmill watching the news. Did 16 of Latin dance.
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I’m just helping my sis out. She is working and her husband had a night shift so he is sleeping. I don’t really mind doing it.
147.3 lbs

Did 30 min of walking on treadmill with AF. Did 15 min of hip hop dance and 5 min of strength training. And 5 core on AF. Did another hour on treadmill watching YT.

Had a fried wing and some fries earlier today. Had bread with pb.

Have to do something about this weight! I am getting a little motivation from sis I. She lost 8 lbs already. She’s on monjarou. I’m going to try harder this coming week. I can do better than this!
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No, she is not diabetic. It’s either manjarou or wegovy or some kinda weight loss injection. She actually didn’t tell me she is doing it. (My mom told me). She was waiting for it all year and it was out. I think it’s out now again. She is/ was over 200 lbs. So she needs it. I’m not going to say anything to her later today. In case she doesn’t want to talk about it. It’s a private matter for some people. I don’t want her to think I’m judging her.