Vic’s Weight Loss


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So I’m at 143.6 lbs. Looking to lose about 25 lbs. Started a new diet today. I’m just eating protein. Also will be drinking tea and coffee with almond milk.
I’ve been at this weight since Jan. Next week I’m going to an all inclusive vacation by Cancun. Looking forward to it. But will try to not overeat while I’m there.
Yesterday I saw a dietitian and she pointed me to the right direction. I’m also going to check my RMR this Saturday so I can see how much to cut back on calories.
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Hi, Victoria. I'm assuming that the dietician didn't just say eat protein only & I'm hoping you mean that you are going to eat more protein than usual. You know you need a balanced diet to be healthy. An all-inclusive holiday by Cancun sounds like something to look forward to. I hope you're doing OK xo
Ok so I’m back. My mother and brother is leaving tomorrow so no more excuses. I decided to fast for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is going to be a lean protein. I’m also exercising on elliptical and pool. I’m excited. I’m going to go whenever I wake up.

I already started this. I started at 151.2 lbs and right now I weigh 146.2 lbs. I’m hoping to reach 145 lbs tomorrow. Back to a healthy bmi. I’m still aiming for 113 lbs. maybe I’ll get there in 4 months. Before Jan 1st.
144.8 lbs.

Started back on diet today. Had an omelette with cheese, Canadian bacon, onions, and peppers. I’m skipping lunch and eating at about 3 or so. I’ll have a chicken breast and stir fry. My diet doesn’t include carbs.

Planning on controlling my bulimia. I did not binge or purge yesterday. I just need to eat normal meals and not worry to much about my weight.
145.6 lbs.

Today is my 4th day of not binging and purging. I decided to stop doing it. It’s so hard not to. I started eating lunch and dinner.

I went to the gym and did the elliptical for an hour. I also did a Zumba class.

I had baked chicken for lunch and dinner. Maybe I overate. I need to weigh my food.

Anyways this is the first time in 20 years that I have not b/p in 4 days. If you can believe that. I decided that I did not want to be 40 and bulimic. I hope that I kicked that bad habit. My birthday is nov 26.

I’ve been feeling full for the past 4 days. I used to hate that feeling because it means that I’m getting fat. Now I’m trying to enjoy it. I just have to eat less in order to lose weight. I have been cooking my own meals.

The rock bottom for me was the back of my mouth was scratched and it took longer to throw up. So I’m done with it. Instead of making an unrealistic goal weight of 113 lbs my new goal is too not b/p ever again. But of course I fear that I will gain weight. So we will see what happens... this is a new and exciting chapter of my life.
5th day of not b/p!!! Yay looks like I can do this. Tomorrow is my first day of temptation. I’ll be babysitting my nephew and my sister might cook dinner for me. I will just eat the meat if she does. I making brown pork for lunch. I hope I make it to the gym.

I hope I did enough today to lose weight. I definitely ate a lot less than these past couple of days.
So I’m at 148. I messed up this weekend. But I started back fasting today and hopefully do it till Friday.

Today I went to the gym early and did 2 hours on elliptical.