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When I first got here I struggled mightily to understand people just because the accent was different from what I was used to. So if she just moved, doesn't have many social contacts outside of uni, and spends her time off listening to/watching US speakers I do understand she would struggle. But the solution isn't for everyone else to talk more slowly forever...
Hopefully, she'll catch up fast! Apparently, we do speak fairly quickly.
Passed an online exam today for Uni 1 1/2 hours happy with the mark, I guess I can recall info about cardiac output, VO2max and a-VO2 diff as it relates to exercise. I did have to look up the Fick formula which I need to memorise before the mid semester exam which will be done in the lab without a formula sheet along with memorising normative VO2max data for differing age, sex training status.

my brain feels like it will explode when trying to memorise facts, formula and numbers.

Got my strapping videos recorded ready for tomorrows sports medicine lab practical.

Even though I don't trade as a massage therapist any longer, Sunday I will be helping out a friend who is having all sorts of health issues where his doc simply doesn't know where to start. If I can give him some pain relief even for a short time it will be worth it.
Being named Fick would be... unfortunate if you lived here. But then I just walked past a street named after a Mr. or Ms. Drdla, which would probably be confusing in most countries.
my brain feels like it will explode when trying to memorise facts, formula and numbers.
Ahh, but you can do it. I don't think I could. My brain probably would explode! Well done, Tru on your exam results 👏 & good for you being prepared to help your friend.
finished coaching for the day, Rocky is in at the vet to be desexed, he hates the car but was well behaved in the waiting room despite a small fluffy dog and a cat also in the waiting room. he went out the back with the vet nurse without any problems.

Now to go and find the Stanley knife, I need to start marking and cutting up some foam jigsaw mats to make the base helmet of little misses Easter hat for the school parade, it will have bunny ears and she will paint the foam helmet to look like an Easter egg.
I wonder why Rocky hates the car. Doe she associate it with trips to the vet, do you think?
You must be so good at making costumes, Tru. Lucky little Miss :)
Little Miss will look adorable! Glad to hear Rocky was ok at the vet, even though it required a trip in the horrible car.
I don't know why he doesn't like the car, I don't think it is related to the vet, he has had far more car trips which have led to the dog park than any other location.

2 sides of the helmet are now assembled, they now need to be joined and some bunny ears cut out of another piece of mat. I will upload the construction pics on Facebook because often the pics are oversized for the forum and I don't feel like editing them.

Tomorrow I need to buy some plastidip equivalent which is basically a rubberised undercoat so it doesn't crack when the foam rubber of the helmet bends. This is a common construction method for cosplay costumes.

Essential equipment. Cheap jigsaw mats, sharp knife, Dremel, heat gun, contact glue, plastidip and whatever additional paint and ornaments need to be added for the particular costume. If I get good enough A star-wars trooper costume may be on the to do list, but the next costume for me is K Pop Klingon outfit from the latest star-trek series.

I'd assumed you'd be going the whole thing but having Little Miss do the finishing is so nice.

She did cut out the templates before I transferred them to the foam but the toxic glue fumes and tiny foam rubber particles from cutting is definitely an adult job with the respirator mask on. the painting and gluing of extra decorative bits can be done with non toxic glue which doesn't have any fumes.

Little miss can use the Dremel but not for tasks that will generate super fine particles that can be inhaled.

She is also confident using a sharp craft knife on the cutting board but is not allowed to use the heat gun or the hot glue gun yet.

I will be back late from Uni tonight so I expect she will spent time painting this afternoon while her brother keeps an eye on her and I will see it when I get home. Tonight in the lab is more Vo2 max testing, verification and graphing various lactate points.
I am starting to get seriously sick of the rain, we have not had a day without rain for weeks, everything is saturated.
little miss has reach the top of the wait list for the swim school and is super excited about lessons starting. If this rain keeps up much longer we will be swimming in mud not just sloshing through it. The rain is not heavy enough to flood but everything is super saturated.
Better than flooding or fire I guess but constant rain does wear on the brain. Yay for swimming lessons though!
BOM has just issued a flood warning, rain is forecast to continue for the next week at least, I had a look and there has been something like 4 dry days in the last 2 months. Just not heavy enough to overload the river system.

Little miss has her Easter bonnet parade at school tomorrow, there will be photos

ticked off another assessment quiz for uni, Lactate is so interesting including being a source of energy not just for skeletal muscle but also used to power the heart and feed the brain during exercise. It is not a byproduct of fatigue, it improves our ability to fight fatigue.

Just another case of correlation not equaling causation.

I am covered in mud from the dog, he was allowed out for the first time since his surgery and was super excited.
Easter Monday, more rain, coached this morning, it is great when you go back to an exercise after a break and the client can see how much strength progress they have made while using alternative exercises.

Sometimes progress is slow and we don't notice that progress, a bit like my knee, progress has been slow but when attempting something I could not do a few weeks ago you realise the progress has been there just too slow to be obvious.

Shoulder is still hit and miss as to whether I can lift my arm from one day to the next.

I am trying to convince D to let me teach him how to strap my shoulder as it gets so much worse as the day goes on. If I can achieve a pain free day that would be awesome, pain free days lead to more pain free days and actual healing rather than fighting the pain every day.