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With the forum being under new ownership I feel it is time for a new journal as well. While most existing members know who I am, this post will lay out some of my basic info for the benefit of new members.

I am a former National Powerlifting champion and have competed at an elite level in Judo and Broomball (National Team). I hold a wide array of qualifications, however the most relevant ones here on the forum include a Diploma of Sport and Exercise from the University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia), Sports Medicine Australia level 2 Sports Trainer (Similar to an Athletics Trainer in the US), FIFA Medical Diploma, Certified Massage Therapist, Certificate of advances sport taping etc. I also hold NCAS accreditation as a Powerlifting Coach and FFA accreditation as a Football coach (Soccer). I am currently half way through studying a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science.

Much of what I post here will be relevant scientific studies I find interesting along with some commentary on my own training, study, diet and life in general.

I follow a keto lifestyle and have multiple food allergies I need to deal with, My own exercise is done to fit with my available time and to take my lifetime of old injuries into account.

I do not post much about my own weight because my primary goal is not weight loss and when I post training sessions I generally will not post the specific weights used, The weight I lift on an exercise is irrelevant unless you are on stage in competition only the level of effort matters here on the forum.

As always Don't be afraid to ask questions, I don't bite
Can confirm: Tru hasn't bitten me once in all the years I've been on this forum but she is extremely knowledgeable.
On the menu today was study for mid-semester exams next week, first up was reviewing the segmentation method of calculating the location of the center of gravity from a photograph, followed up by reviewing the endocrine system and cell respiration.

Training - Nil not good but I just just did not feel up to it after a hard day yesterday
My morning has been spent completing 2 assessment quizzes for Uni, 93% on the Physiology quiz and I won't know the result for Biomechanics quiz till next week but confident that it will be 100% or close to it like the last one. each of these quizzes were not worth much overall (5%) but they all add up, If I can nail all of the small assessment tasks it makes the major exams like the mid semesters next week a tiny bit less stressful.

Now to hit the gym, I will report back later.
Training - I experimented with a few new battle rope exercises, with the rope being easy to transport for mobile coaching, I want to be able to maximise the number exercises and therefore target muscles I can hit with that piece of equipment both for strength, endurance and cardio. Most trainers just use the battle rope as a finisher exercise to sap the remaining energy from a client without a real training goal in mind, when I coach, each exercise needs to have a specific reason for being in a program beyond just making the client tired.
I don´t think I´ve ever seen more than one exercise done with the battle ropes. Do you have any sources you could recommend?
I am waiting for a book that I ordered a week ago "The Definitive Guide to Battling Ropes: Techniques to Muscle Stabilization and Power Domination" which is supposed to be good. In the meantime I have the exercises we covered at Uni and a quite good guidebook that came with the rope.

https://drjohnrusin.com/top-30-battle-rope-exercises-for-power-strength-endurance/ this is a good list of rope exercises with video.

When combined with my sled it also increases the exercise options.
At 8 am this morning I ended up down at the gym coaching Son 3 through a Ropes workout, he was not terribly impressed with doing lunges while maintaining the basic wave pattern. I completed some of the overhead rope exercises as overhead work is difficult for me with my past injury history.

Hubby is doing his assessment all weekend for Rural Fire Crew Leader. He has also claimed bit and pieces of my hiking/camping gear that I will probably never see again and will need to replace like my compass and binoculars.

Little miss thought the battle rope waves made a good skipping rope but would have preferred rides on the Sled
Being your kid sounds interesting at any age, but definitely more challenging once they've grown up a bit! :rotflmao: I've never been great at overhead work and I really only do stability work so overhead battle rope exercises sound like magic to me
It is raining today so the planned trip to the park and playground to feed the ducks with little miss is not happening. I am a bit worried today, hubby was stressed last night and this morning, over thinking his crew leader assessment and it is not helping that Son 2 may have been exposed to Covid, he is unvaccinated because he is not eligible till next week and shares a house with his brother (Son 1) both are essential workers during the ACT lockdown.

Hopefully the rain will not leave our paddocks too wet tomorrow because we have a contractor arriving to slash the overly long grass prior to the start of fire season.

On the fitness side of thing, I will try to get some training in with little miss assisting later this afternoon.
It's no good that you have all these extra stresses, Tru. Hubby will blitz his course I'm sure, but fingers crossed for your sons being covid free & I hope it's just a quick shower. It's raining here today too, but only lightly.
Have fun in the gym with your little assistant 💪👼
I hope your sons will be ok as well. It's mind-boggling to me that vaccination has been so slow in Australia.
Also: I've been looking at the link you posted with the battle rope exercises and they look like what we did when we used to just mess around with the long jump ropes instead of using them for jumping. Good fun but I can literally feel all my muscles engage just imagining doing them with heavy ropes!
I hope your sons will be ok as well. It's mind-boggling to me that vaccination has been so slow in Australia.

The rollout has been terrible, My husband and son 3 will have their 2nd jab next week, mine will be the week after. Eligibility is different in each state.

His potential exposure was at his 2nd job, spoke to him this morning, he is getting tested again today, he is frustrated with all the people doing the wrong thing, could be worse he could be in NSW.
Ha, your PM sounds like a bit of a fool. Hopefully the vaccination programme will pick up as more vaccines become available. It’s the one thing Ireland has really done well. I’ve never seen such organisation. Just shows the health service CAN work well when the impetus is there.
I have a few choice words to describe our PM above and beyond DH

unfortunately I live in a very right wing seat, and as much as I hear locals complain about how much they hate him, it will not change their voting habits. There is also lots of support here for the red headed racist.