Mandi's Before/In Between/After Thread

Hi, Greg. Just a heads up. Above each post is the date the last person posted. Mandi hasn't been here since the 11th of December 2019. It's great to encourage people though. Have you thought of starting a diary?
So I decided to delete my other thread in the on topic section and post this here instead!

Here is my before. ( this is how I looked in December )

This is me in January.

This is me a taken a couple of days ago.

If I can get someone to take pictures of me or a big enough mirror I will take far away body shots - it's hard to take them yourself!
I'd love to tell you how much weight I've lost but I've chosen not to weigh myself at all in this process - in fear of becoming obsessive and weighing myself every hour!
However I can tell you that in December I wore a size 12 - and even a 14 in some pants. I started my weight loss journey January 4th. Today March 01, 2010 I'm sporting a size 7!
My goal is to get down to a size 2. I'm 5'0 and small boned so I think that's a reasonable goal!

Oh, and If you're wondering what I have done to lose this weight I follow this routine every day.

Stick to a 1200 calorie a day workout.
Lots of water and unsweetened tea.
High intensity work out 30 mins a day - sometimes 15 if I'm busy.

I plan on making a video of my workout that I've kind of self created so you can get a better idea of what I do. So far it's been extremely successful and I'm very proud of myself for thinking of these things on my own. I combine cardio with a lot of aerobic exercise in between - along with strength training while running in place, jumping squats...etc. 2 months ago I could barely do 2 push ups - now I'm able to do at least 20 real push ups in a row!

What's also really fantastic and interesting is I had a lot of stretch marks in 2009 - even all the way into December however, they have all DISSAPEARED now - I mean white marks nothing just gone.There are maybe a couple really really faded ones on my sides but you would have to put your face right up close and squint to see them! Since I started this routine I have been taking daily vitamins...rubbing scar gel on them, as well as a topical Vitamin E lotion. I can't believe I didn't notice until last night when I was showing - I was like wait a second....I couldn't believe it - I ran and showed the boyfriend!

Hopefully you will see more pictures within the next month!
Can you please add me to WhatsApp groupe for weight loss discussions
Wow- you look stunning! Much power to you
Hey Healthy, just a heads-up: you can always see the date a post was made at the top. This thread is a couple of years old and the person who started it isn't around anymore as far as I know.