Hobbiton! for anyone who is 5ft 3in and under


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hay i thought i would create a "shorties" club where all who are quite short can talk about their goals and weight loss, since we will all be about the same height we can all relate to each other and each others goals as the chances are they all will be quite similar

Well Iam Kelly, Iam 19 and Iam 5ft 1ins iam currently 19st 8lbs (274lb) and i would like to be around 7 st 3lbs (101lbs) but that is a rough goal as i have never been slim and i dont know how i will feel when i get to a slimmer weight!

Iam looking forward to meeting my fellow "hobbits
Hobbits lol.. well i promise you i dont have hairy feet :D xxx:biggrinjester:
i should jolly well hope not Lol, but about 4 yrs ago i had a operation on my feet and they were banaged up quite alot so at that time they did resemble hobbits feet!
LOL when I was your age, I had a boyfriend who insisted I was a halfling :p

I'm 61 inches tall (5'1"), weigh in at 164 lb as of yesterday morning (11st 10lb by the British standard :p) and I'm 42 years old. My goal weight is a range between 118 and 125 lbs. I have a large frame and I tend to carry a lot of muscle, so my goals aren't to get down to tiny weight, just to where I felt healthy when I was younger and much trimmer.

Have you guys noticed that it dosn't take much to show weight gain on your frames? I had tall friends who bounce around 20 pounds and no one knew it, but if I gained even 5 pounds, it was immediately apparent (this was before I got married, had kids and started pouring fat onto my frame).

Eh, cool things come in small packages, right? :D That makes us all very cool indeed.

God Bless,
thanks for your post, i can definatly agree with looking more like you've put on weight more than taller people, but what i find is that people dont notice when i start losing the weight as i have lost 7lb so far and i can feel it on my stomach and i can actually see it in the mirror yet no one else can Lol!

good luck with your goals!
Hobbits unite

I just joined in here. I am 5' 2" and am currently 211 lbs. I am 32 years old (until next month) and I agree. I have a friend that is just 3" taller and she has 70 lbs on me, but we wear the same size. I have only made two goals so far. 1) be healthy.
2) get out of the fat lady section at the store.

After that I guess I will have to set a lbs goal. Just want some cute clothes first.
Hang in there and good luck.
Well I qualify since I am 5ft3.

I find it well worth showing my BMI on my ticker because I found that people kept suggesting that I must have arrived at a realistic goal weight already. I think that they thought that I had anorexic ambitions!

In reality - I dont know what my final goal weight should be as I am currently the lightest that I have been for over twenty years. I am pretty sure that I will not need to lose more weight at 119 - but I might feel happy about my appearance and stop before I get there.

I have just joined weight watchers and they have suggested an interim goal weight of 133. I certainly still have some fat to lose!
Welcome crystalfire and omega :) Good luck with your goals and hopefully you will both see some good results soon :)
Hey! This is perfect! I've been looking for a place like this =D

Well, here's the basic rundown. I'm Gryph. I'm sixteen years old, and I'm 5'2". I weigh 136.6 pounds, and my goal weight is in the 115-120 area. I've been on a path to alter my lifestyle (read: dieting) for about a year now, but only recently have I gotten serious enough about it to actually look at the nutritional side of it rather than being blind to everything BUT the calories.
I've always wanted to be a hobbit. :'D
Welcome gryph, Thanks for joining! well done on being on your journey for a year now thats quite an achievement! Good luck with all your goals and remember that all us hobbits will be hear to cheer you on!
I qualify for this too, being 5'2" [maybe more like 5'1 1/2", although I hope not!]. I hate being short, my 'little' brother is 6'2" and my boyfriend is 6'4"! I'm constantly surrounded by tall people, it would be nice to just be a few inches taller - that might get rid of my love handles, if only eh?
First of all, I'm a bit of Ring wraith, so I'm in love with the group title! Lucky for me, I qualify being 5'2"! I'm Kay and I'm a 20 year old psychology student. I recently hit my highest wight at 242 and decided I needed to make a change. I used to be a figure skater, in fact, I skated for over 16 years (I started when I was 2). After I quit I really began to gain weight. In the last few years, a good friend of mine started to create a good name for himself in the figure skating world and it made me really miss being a part of it. I used to dream about winning Olympic medals, and when he won bronze I realized that I desperately missed that part of my life. So my goal will, fingers crossed, lead me straight to the varsity figure skating team in September!
Welcome both of you!

kay i hope that you will get back into skating thats one thing that i really would love to do!

nothingisred i agree with you i hate being short most of my family are all tall in fact my 16 yr old cousin is over 6ft!
I'm 5'2 ... and after a loss of 123lbs, I'm now 164lbs. ...

Shucks. My friend is about 6 foot. shes over 260lbs, but shes only in a size 18.

when I ranged from 260-ish, I was about a size 24..
[ i started at a tight fitting 28]

I'm a size 14 now.. and shes only an 18! this is not fair.

Curse her height.

If I was 164 and at like 5'11 or so, I'd be pretty well lookin. But cut off like millions of inches. and I'm still a chubster. .. hehe. Oh well..

Short people still rock.:coolgleamA:
Cola - I agree! It's not fair that someone only 6 inches taller can carry the weight so much better than I can.

Ah well, dynamite comes in small packages :D

God Bless,
Hello fellow shorties

Hi, today is my first day on this site. I am 5'3" so I qualify to hang with all of you! I have reached my highest weight yet 170lbs. I don't even know how this happened. It just sort of snuck up on me, then today I used the BMI calculator and it said I was obese! I need help ladies!
Yay I love this group! Definately want to be a shortie hehe
I'm 156.5 cm.

Which is...I think about 61.6 inches. Anyway for ages I thought I was 155cm, but the other day I went to the hospital to take part in a medical thing. And I was 1.5 cm taller!! It makes a difference!
I think this puts me at around about 5 ' 2"
Or I like to pretend anyways.

Yes I really commiserate with everyone else, who is feeling the pain of weight and height together. But in some ways it works to our advantage. Because for ages I thought it was ak I could still find some ok clothes to wear. But really if someone was taller and was proportionally equal weight as me, they would not be able to find ANY clothes. Its just cause I'm short, I can get away with clothes made for people heaps taller, therefore wider, and cut the legs off.

But that's no excuse! I want to wear short/small people's clothes now! I want to shop in petites with no probs. hehe :)
I qualify for this too, being 5'2" [maybe more like 5'1 1/2", although I hope not!]. I hate being short, my 'little' brother is 6'2" and my boyfriend is 6'4"! I'm constantly surrounded by tall people, it would be nice to just be a few inches taller - that might get rid of my love handles, if only eh?

Hehe, wow, I understand that. I'm 18, 5'3 (maybe 5'2) and my boyfriend is 6'3, Chinese too, ARGH! He's like, 130lbs or something close, but can wear smaller womens pants than me, like maybe a size 6 to 8... I wear size 12/14 weighing at 158lbs today. My ideal weight should be between 110 and 120.

My weight is in my thighs, hips, and waist. By my measurements, I can stand to loose -2in from my waist (I'm fine with my waist though), -3in from my thighs (hopefully I'll loose more), and -7.5in from my hips (Maybe more). Maybe soon I'll be the one wearing womens pants. Those, and firming my upper arms.. Thats what I need...
Well, this is a rather appropriate board to be writing on. Hell, in my introduction post I wrote I was a self-proclaimed hobbit. I may admit to shaving my toes every now and then. I'm 5'0", and more than willing to rant on about the disadvantage us vertically challenged individuals possess when it comes to gaining weight. I used to be 190 pounds, and I will never allow myself to let go like that again. I am 115 currently, and ready to blast away the rest of my fat to reveal the muscles I have been working to achieve. And because I have been obese the majority of my life, a skank hobbit phase may ensue.