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my brother moved to Phoenix a few years ago. they have had temps exceeding 110° F for the past 18 days. the forecast for this week indicates it will go on at least another 7-8 days. i've been to Vegas when it has been 115°. when you leave a building it's like opening an oven door. at least the desert southwest has VERY dry air. Texas or Florida must be hell.

i live a mile from the ocean.
today the high will be 76°... at 5am, it's currently 68°.
ain't no place i'd rather be... :)
easy 36 hour fast....

1) already be intermittent fasting.

2) day after day keep forgetting to eat breakfast later in the day until one day it's 7 pm and you still haven''t eaten.

3) say screw it and convince yourself to wait until the next day to reset your eating window.

... i'll let you know if it works.
thinking about it some more, i decided to put it off by a day... last evening i only had a bagel and some leftover oatmeal... a small OMAD. i have to meet a friend tomorrow, though and i don't want to be that person who says they can't have lunch and having to explain why. i have to sympathize with those who can't control 100% of their eating times due to family and friends. just about every time i modify my eating it's due to a social event.

today''s event, hurricane Hilary is turning out to be a bust. maybe 10 mph winds and very light rain. the eye is apparently passing overhead right now. SoCal doesn't do well with inclement weather. nobody knows how to drive in the rain. i did pull out the umbrella to walk down the street for coffee this morning to knock off the dust... :)
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We get more rainfall here (Tasmania) than any other state in Australia & I wish I could say the same about knocking the dust off the umbrella. I played golf on Saturday & had so much mud on my shoes & the bottoms of my pants. I wish I could send some to Canada.
BTW I didn't know that Blest was somewhere in my brain archives. It just jumped into my head. It is such an archaic word.
i have two umbrellas and i didn't pay for either. one was from a San Diego Gulls (minor league hockey team) game. one year i had season tickets with a few friends and after three games in a row that it rained, for a joke, the next game they gave away folding umbrellas. of course it never rained again.

my other umbrella i won playing golf. one hole was a "longest drive" and with my wood driver i was stunned that i won. have to admit, i really nailed it, but with everyone else using Big Bertha types i was a little surprised to say the least.
Isn't it just about the best feeling when you absolutely nail a good drive? I think my drive is my best shot. Do you ever play these days?
i've heard and believe this about the old wood drivers. the sweet spot is about the size of a dime, but the smaller size allows for a faster club head speed, so when it hits that spot, you can definitely feel it and see the result. have to admit it wasn't like anyone was tearing up the course and on the back nine, alcohol may have also played a role.

it's a huge golf umbrella, but we rarely get much wind even when it does rain so it was fun to bring it out early in the day. through the night i could hear the winds picking up, but overall San Diego didn't see much of a storm from what was left of Hilary.

right should arthritis and in general a lot of my friends quitting, i haven't played in at least a decade. shoulder surgery might be in my future, but it probably wouldn't' be a good idea to stress that. i have enough hobbies.
I didn't think you were short on hobbies :) For someone who doesn't do any warm-up exercises & is overweight & has Arthritis, I touch wood I can keep playing for a bit longer. Having my own cart has made a big difference. I do think you have to be slightly crazy to play golf. There is no way known I would have had the patience & the ability to laugh so much at my inability when I was younger.
I think my driver is a Big Bertha & my clubs are Calloway (graphite). I actually got given them.
got chipped mugs..?

if you have a wide mouth canning jars or some other glass with a wide mouth, use those semi-useless mugs to make a huge ice cubes. when frozen (it takes a while), to use, turn it upside down under hot water or just leave it out for 15 minutes. vs normal cube ice water, the small berg lasts 4-5 times longer.

after a few dozen uses... more or less... eventually in a final swan song, the mug cracks open, but it is when the water freezes so at least the last use is a bit easier.

i picked up three of these (available is at least 3 colors) a while ago and they are sooooooooooooo handy. i don't spill my cup of tea carrying it to my desk anymore. i boil water, fill it up and bring it to my desk all sealed up. not only does it avoid spills, but i can have a second cup for no more than the work of making one. also helps with the second meal of the day. heat up soup, have a bowl right away, fill one up and it stays hot for hours until my second meal of the day.


24 oz Thermos specs.jpg
there is a grocery outlet store i go to occasionally. worth the trip even if it's only for butter, $5 vs $9 / lb at the more convenient grocery store nearby. the biggest challenge is to make it past aisle 2... snacks and candy. some days it's harder than others... Pumpkin Spice Twinkies..!!


... but i avoided the temptation.. :)
been a while since i've made this, but a friend asked me if i knew of a good tuna salad recipe. this is from Arlyn Hackett's Health Smart Gourmet cook book. hands down, i guarantee it will be the best tuna sandwich you have ever eaten. if you have access to fresh vs canned tuna it will be even better.

tuna salad.JPG